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FATHER'S day falls on Sunday June 16 this year and now is the time to start snapping up gifts for the occasion.

And if you're dead set on buying something boozy to give your old man on Father's Day, we’ve picked out some great ideas in our gift guide below.

Best Gin Options For Father's Day

The Bluecoat American dry gin is a delicate spirit with a refreshing taste.

Handcrafted in Philadelphia, this gin is produced in small batches so that quality and consistency would be guaranteed in every bottle.

Your dad will be able to feel hints of pine needles, juniper, and citrus when enjoying this bold gin.

  •  Bluecoat American Gin – £34.95 from Amazon – buy here
Luss General Store13
Lussa Gin features a fresh and floral taste

Lussa Gin is an expression of gorgeous Scotland's landscape its wild west coast.

This gin is made at the north end of the Isle of Jura where weather conditions are so challenging, gin's creators named their product an 'adventure'.

A great Father's Day present with hints of orange blossom, peppermint, and lemongrass.

  • Lussa Gin, £47.43 from Amazon – buy here
Harrington Gin is distilled with local spring water and botanicals

Warner Dry Gin was born in a family farm from which all the natural ingredients are being taken, including spring water.

It has a refreshing and fresh taste with the hints of vanilla and cinnamon.

It makes a perfect Father's Day present for those who seek new and exciting flavours.

  • Warner Harrington Dry Gin, £32.44 from Master of Malt – buy here
Glasgow Distillery13
You can also get Makar Cherry Gin in a gift box

Looking through the winners at the World Gin Awards, there’s a number of great bottles you can buy without breaking the bank.

Makar Cherry Gin won in the best flavoured gin category and you can buy a bottle from Amazon for £22.50.

Himbrini Old Tom Gin won best compound gin at the same awards and you can get a bottle for £40.39 from Amazon.

Cotswolds Dry Gin won gold at the 2017 International Wine & Spirit Competition and it costs £29.75 at Masters of Malt.

Aldi’s own-brand Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin was named one of the best gins in the world by the International Spirits Challenge. The best part about it? It costs just £9.99.

Or if you're looking for a neat box set to give as a gift, the Craft Gin Club is subscription service that includes a new gin, snacks and mixers at a surprisingly affordable price.

  • Makar Cherry Gin – £22.50 from Amazon – buy it here
  • Himbrini Old Tom Gin – £40.39 from Amazon – buy it here
  • Oliver Cromwell London Dry Gin – £9.99 from Aldi – buy it here
  • Cotswolds Dry Gin – £29.75 from Masters of Malt – buy it here
  • Craft Gin Club – find it here

This gin is a perfect present for a dad who likes home-brewed drinks.

Slingsby Gooseberry Gin is crafted using Harrogate aquifer water, locally sourced botanicals, and pure single grain spirit.

  • Slingsby Gooseberry Gin, £40.25 from Master of Malt – buy here

Whiskey & Whisky Gifts For Father's Day

The special Balblair Collection features distinguishing Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskies.

The quality comes from a balance between nature and nurture where malt is being matured in traditional dunnage warehouses on earthen floors.

Every whisky from this collection has a distinctive yet subtle character that your dad will appreciate and enjoy.

  • Balblair 12 Year Old, £43.95 from The Whisky Exchange – buy here
  • Balblair 15 Year Old, £73.25 from The Whisky Exchange – buy here
  • Balblair 18 Year Old, £118  from The Whisky Exchange – buy here

Teeling Small Batch Irish whiskey features creamy vanilla sweetness with a dried fruit character and subtle sweet spice finish.

It makes a perfect father's day present for a dad who appreciates and enjoys a quality drink.

This Irish whiskey features florals and herbal notes with rum and raisin hints.

  • Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey – £32 from Master of Malt – buy here 
Haig Club Clubman whisky comes in a cool bottle you'll want to keep

Buying the right whisky can be a tricky job so it’s best to find out what sort of thing your dad likes before venturing out to the shops.

But you can cast your net pretty wide with a tasting set from Drinks By The Dram, which offers up five samples of the award-winners from the 2018 World Whiskies Awards for £39.95.

Aldi step up once again with an affordable option. Their Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky won a gold medal at the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters and costs just £17.49.

Or if you want something that looks a little fancier, Haig Club Clubman whisky (aka. the David Beckham one) costs £16 from Tesco.

If your dad's a fan of Jack Daniels, you can get a 70cl bottle for £23.20 from Masters of Malt.

  • Drinks By The Dram whiskey set – £39.95 from Masters of Malt – buy it here
  • Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky – £17.49 from Aldi – buy it here
  • Haig Club Clubman – £16 from Tesco – buy it here
  • Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey – £23.20 from Masters of Malt – buy it here

Best Vodka Gifts for Father's Day

If your dad is more into drinks that are based on vodka alcohol and he likes it sweet, we've found you a perfect present.

CÎROC Watermelon Vodka is the latest addition to the brand's flavored vodka range that also features CÎROC Vodka, CÎROC Red Berry, CÎROC Pineapple and CÎROC Apple.

This watermelon vodka is sweet, fruity and refreshing, perfect for those who seek quality and novelty.

  • CÎROC Watermelon Vodka, £35.88 from Amazon – buy here

Best Rum Gifts for Father's Day

If you want something a bit flashy to present as a gift, Ableforth’s Rumbullion is great and comes in an awesome-looking bottle with a wax seal to make it extra-special.

The tasting set by Drinks By The Dram is a solid gift idea, offering up five sample bottles of highly-rated tipples. £31.95 at Masters of Malt.

Tesco has a bargain tasting option for rum, with a gift set costing just £12. It’s got four popular rum miniatures for your dad to enjoy.

  • Ableforth's Rumbullion – £34.90 from Masters of Malt – buy it here
  • Drinks By The Dram rum set – £31.95 from Masters of Malt – buy it here
  • Rum tasting set – £12 from Tesco – buy it here

Best Father's Day Beers

Imagine if beer drinking was good for the environment? With this specific beer, that is particularly the case.

Brewgooder dedicates its profit to the foundation that aims to stop water poverty in the world.

Oh, and also it tastes delicious.

It makes a perfect Father's Day present that also does good for the others.

  • Brewgooder Clean Water Lager, £1,80 from Tesco – buy here
Not on the high street13
You'll also get a beer pancake recipe with this giftset

Aside from buying a six-pack of your dad’s favourite lager, you can impress him with one of these gift sets and give him a chance to step outside his comfort zone.

A two-bottle set from Not On The High Street is created by Hiver Beers and comes with branded Hiver beer glass, a beer pancake recipe and food matching suggestions.

Or a neat £36 set from Beer Hawk for fifteen cans of selected cans.

  • Beer gift set – £18 from Not On The High Street – buy it here
  • Beer gift set – £36 from Beerhawk – buy it here

Other Father's Day Gift Ideas

If none of the above take your fancy, there’s a bunch of other boozy gifts you can buy for Father’s Day.

If you’re looking for a properly quirky gift, a jar of spreadable whiskey from Firebox costs just £9.99 and is sure to impress.

And another pressie that’s sure to rack up the intrigue is Firebox's ‘bulletproof’ whiskey glass with a real bullet lodged in the side.

Whiskey stones cool your drink without diluting it, perfect for purists.

If your dad needs a personalised glass to drink from, you can get one engraved with a special message.

  • Spreadable whiskey – £9.99 from Firebox – buy it here
  • Bulletproof whiskey glass – £19.99 from Firebox – buy it here
  • Whiskey stones – £3.69 from Ebay – buy it here
  • Personalised beer glass – £5.95 from Ebay – buy it here

Looking for more Father's Day ideas? Check out the 26 great ideas in our gift guide.

Alternatively, set your dad up with an experience day. Here are our top picks.

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