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GETTING a garage is nearly impossible these days, so car covers are getting their time in the spotlight.

Protecting your vehicle from dirt, dust and unpredictable weather conditions, car covers also prevent your paintwork from the bleaching effects of UV rays. Here's what you need to know:

Will car covers damage your car?

Car covers are designed to protect your car.

Unless you have an ill-fitting cover, the cover should offer almost as much protection as a garage, without the need for bricks and mortar.

Of course, the underside of the vehicle is still open to the elements, albeit indirectly.

Will car covers scratch paint?

Car covers shouldn’t really scratch paint.

There are several layers of clear coat to protect your paint colour, so any minor blemishes can be worked out with car polish.

That said, if you skimp on the quality of your car cover, and it is being used for longer periods of time, the effect of incessant movement in the same area might wear.

Paint can also get damaged, if water becomes trapped under the cover – but there are ways to avoid this.

Should car covers be waterproof?

Given the inclement weather of the UK, it's advisable to pick a fully waterproof cover.

Not all covers are waterproof, as some just protect from dust, tree debris and bird muck and are water resistant for mild spots here and there.

If there is a deluge of rain, they’ll not cut it though.

Are car covers good for winter?

Car covers are especially needed in winter, since weather conditions can be at their worse.

However, covers are also the hardest to fit in the wetter months, since they needed to be fitted to a dry car.

Not easy, if it’s raining, eh? We recommend investing in The Absorber as heading to work on a wintry morning is infinitely easier if there isn’t a layer of ice to shift.

Using a mix of expert reviews, industry tests and user feedback, below is a list of the best car covers you can buy in 2019.

1. Halfords All Season Car Cover

  • All Seasons Car Cover Medium, £60, Halfords – buy here

Coming top in the Auto Express group test, this Halfords All Season car cover has had a mixed reception amongst users.

It’s an incredible price for a cover which has a fleece lining, air vents to prevent moulding underneath the cover and under car straps to secure it against the wind.

It’s a bit on the heavy side, but elasticated end panels make fitting it easier with practice.

The medium fits a Vauxhall Astra or similar and if you don’t get the right size, unsurprisingly, the seams can tear.

Handily, there’s a carry bag for storage when using the car.

2. Sealey SCCM All Seasons Car Cover 3-Layer

  • Sealey SCCM All Seasons Car Cover 3-Layer, £66.78, Amazon – buy here

Sealey’s SCCM All-season car cover takes a multi-layer approach.

Completely waterproof, this cover performed exceptionally well in industry tests.

Featuring elasticated edges and under-car straps for securing, this quality car cover is light to handle and easy to fit.

Removing the cover is just as easy, too.

The medium fit of this outdoor car cover (though it can also be used indoors too) suits models like Audi TT or Mazda MX-5.

It offers UV protection, which not only helps the paintwork, but also prevents the interior trim from drying out.

3. PRÜUF Heavy Duty Executive Car Cover

  • RÜUF Heavy Duty Executive Car Cover, £59.99, Amazon- buy here

Pruuf’s Heavy Duty car cover is a great price for a waterproof car cover with robust under-car straps, with military-grade stitching on the seams.

Using a high-tech five-microlayer patented fabric, this outdoor car cover goes on really easily, since Pruuf has put a label at the one end to remove any confusion.

There is no fleece-lining but confident in its products, Pruuf offers a five-year no-quibble guarantee, so if you’re concerned about UV degradation of the waterproof layer or under-cover moisture, fear no more.

4. Concours Eclipse 4-layer Car Cover

  • Concours Eclipse 4-layer Car Cover, £139.950, Concours – buy here

If you have the budget and/or the inclination, the Concours Eclipse is the luxury choice of the list.

The Eclipse outdoor car cover has a four-layer design; two to protect from the sun and rain, one for breathability preventing dampness and one soft inner lining, protecting the paintwork.

Double-stitched seams and eyelets to feed through ties to secure against wind are testament to the ultimate build quality of this car cover.

Unlike the other choices on our list, the Concours Eclipse also features mirror pockets, which—since you buy based on your specific model of car—fit beautifully.

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