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DOLLY sang about working nine to five, but what she didn’t mention was just how important it is to invest in the best desk chair you can to make it a comfortable working day.

After all, there’s nothing worse than an aching back or neck from sitting hunched over your desk for hours.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not chained to your desk for eight hours straight either – even a short period of sitting can impact your concentration and well-being if you’re in the wrong chair.

But how do you know what you should be looking for in an office chair?

Well, the answer is, there’s a few factors to consider.

Take into account what sort of work you do.

  • Do you use a computer and keyboard or are you sketching on pads?
  • Do you have to reach down to retrieve paperwork and files regularly from desk drawers?

Your chair should be able to accommodate all of these things – from being swivel-based if you need to turn it and move it to get to files, or have adjustable arms if you need to pull it in tight to your desk.

Then there’s the support it offers.

You’ll notice many office chairs offer lumbar back support, which is a good option if you sit for long hours in your office.

The lumbar support should sit flush against the small of your back, keeping your ears, shoulders and hips in alignment, which in turn will hopefully alleviate back pain.

Many chairs also offer head support and extra padding on the armrests, too.

Of course, we’re all drawn to the style of the chair, and you’ll probably already know what material you’re after. Leather and fabric tend to be the most comfortable, so we haven’t featured any wood or industrial-looking metal options below – if you do want to go for one of these however, we’d suggest you look into buying a separate lumbar support to wear whilst sitting, and make sure the chair is the right height for you, as many of these options won’t be adjustable.

We’ve done much of the hard work for you by finding six of the best desk chairs to grace your office with – we know, we’re too good to you!

1. Flynn Office Chair

  • Flynn Office Chair in Persian Grey, (H95-104 x W56 x D63cm), £169, Made – buy here

We’ll start our roundup with this rather attractive design from Made, which looks less office chair and more luxurious dining chair due to its button detailing and curvy shape.

A swivel base with castors gives it the practicality you need, and it’s height adjustable too, proving you can have both style and function when it comes to your office.

Also available in Putty Beige and Midnight Black.

2. West Elm Slope Leather Office Chair in Saddle

  • West Elm Slope Leather Office Chair in Saddle, (H94 x W62 x D62cm) £399, John Lewis – buy here

Now, this design isn’t cheap but if you want your office chair to be made from quality, top-grain leather and look the part, then you’ll be happy with the Slope.

It doesn’t have lumbar support but it has been designed with subtle curves in both the seat and backrest to ensure you’re sitting comfortably, so it’s ideal if you’re not going to be doing long hours at your desk.

Its seat height is adjustable as you’d expect, and the swivel base makes it suitable for an office.

3. Elis Swivelling Armchair Walnut Net

  • Porada Ellis Swivelling Armchair, (H117-130 x W62 x D72cm), £1,627, Heal’s – buy here

The most expensive of our roundup, this chair is for those that want to invest in a chair that has designer looks and is top of its game in the style stakes.

Designed by Umberto Asnago and made to order in Italy by Porada, the Elis is a luxurious option, with armrests in solid canaletta walnut and natural toned upholstery with a horizontal stitch detail for interest.

Fully swivelling and height adjustable, its the creme de la creme of functional office furniture.

4. Maui Soft Swivel Armchair

  • Kartell Maui Soft Swivel Armchair in Grey, H81-88 x W58 x D52cm, £388.80, Amara – buy here

Another designer number, this time by Vico Magistretti, the Maui soft swivel armchair is a smart, modern design made from fabric-covered nylon and chrome-plated steel feet.

A gas-lift pump adjusts the height and it comes in a multitude of colours – everything from orange to acid green, so it’s a great choice if you want to add a bright pop of colour to your office.

5. Latimer Office Chair

  • Latimer Office Chair, H92-101 x W67.5 x D72.5cm, £159.20, Marks & Spencer – buy here

If you don’t want to pay designer prices and are looking for a durable chair that’s easy to wipe down if needed and still able to give a stylish boost to your office space, then look no further than the Latimer.

The metal frame is topped by leather-look fabric with a cushioned seat and padded backrest, along with fabric pads on the armrests. A good all-rounder, it also comes in black and grey.

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