Best eyebrow makeup products for fluffy or defined arches – from Refy to No7

These days eyebrow trends change as much as the weather, and it can be hard to keep up with the best brow products for the job.

From the bushy brushed-up style to the Bella Hadid inspired fox-brow, many of us are now picking up products and experimenting with our brow shapes and styles more often.

Thanks to the wonderful world of beauty, you can shop a whole range of eyebrows products and formulas to tackle all of your grooming needs – but with so much on the market, it’s hard to know what works best for you.

Whether you’re wanting to define your arch, fill in a pesky gap or enhance the brows you already have, we’ve rounded up the very best eyebrow enhancing formulas for every budget…

Which brow product should I use?

Felt-tip pen

"They suit people with thinning brow hair who are slightly nervous of anything looking too bold. Simply apply in little strokes," explains celebrity makeup artist Donna May Clitheroe.


Pencils are great for brows that need a defining edge and a neat, tapered end, says Donna. “Keep the pencil sharp, and lightly stroke it upwards, filling any hairless gaps as you go.”


This is the quickest and easiest way to groom your brows at home, Donna reveals. “They suit everybody, but particularly people with fair brows for adding natural looking colour and thickness.”


Pomades are perfect for brows that like to wander, says Donna. "Firstly brush them through and then, with an angled brush, use the wax to coat the brows. It’s perfect for creating a strong styled brow.”

The best brow products to try now

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen, £23 here

An easy-to-use felt-tip pen for drawing on individual hairs, and it comes in an impressive nine shades.

Deputy beauty editor Zoe says: “I’m a pencil girl usually but since getting my eyebrows laminated (where they ‘perm’ hairs to sit brushed up), I find I only really need to add a few strokes here and there to define them. This is perfect because the thin tip creates really fine and realistic strokes, and the colour never budges in the day.”

Maybelline Brow Extensions Pomade Crayon, £9.99 here

Dubbed “brow extensions in a stick”, this waxy crayon contains hair-like fibres for adding thickness and definition.

Beauty editor Laura says: “I was at first confused by the little tufts of fuzz sticking to the nib, but these are in fact tiny fibres that stick to your own brow hairs, bulking them out as well as adding colour. I thought a chunky crayon might make my brows look very blocky, but this gives a surprisingly natural effect and I received a couple of compliments on my eyebrows throughout the day.”

NYX Professional Makeup Brow Glue, £6.50 here

An affordable, non-sticky clear brow gel with a tiny brush that promises to hold your brows in place for up to 24 hours.

Beauty writer Lucy says: "I'm obsessed with this bargain little tube (and so is TikTok). When NYX says 'glue' they aren't lying: this is the closest thing to glueing your eyebrows down without actually glueing your brows down. Great for a brushed up, laminated-like look that stays in place."

Stila Sketch & Sculpt Brow Pencil, £18 here

This super-skinny pencil comes in three shades and has a spoolie on the other end for blending the colour through your brows.

Laura says: “This is everything I want from a brow pencil: a thin, flat tip for drawing on fine lines, a hard lead that doesn’t smudge and never needs sharpening, and a spoolie at the end. There could do with being a few more colour options, but the shade ‘medium’ that I tried was a nice cool-toned light brown, and suited me well.”

Refy Brow Sculpt, £16 here

Founded by influencer Jess Hunt, Refy's products are all over social media at the moment – and with good reason. This particular product is a water resistant clear gel with flexible hold and serious staying power.

Lucy says: "If you're a fan of the brushed up brow look then no doubt Refy is already on your radar. The Refy brow is a three-step process but the first of the trio, Brow Sculpt, really is the best in my opinion. It's seriously easy to apply and keeps my brow hairs pointing skywards all day long."

No7 Beautiful Eyebrows Tinted Gel, £12 here

This gel formula makes brows look instantly fuller and holds them in place too.

Beauty director Lynne says: "The fact that this was the one brow product that made it into a recent holiday make-up bag edit says all you need to know. The brush is beautifully precise, and deposits just the right amount of product to cheat the look of freshly tinted brows. The formula also helps control the rogue hairs that have a tendency to splay off in all directions. Brilliant."

George Tamer Brow Cream, £3 here

A little pot of tinted wax that comes with its own tiny brush tucked away inside the lid.

Laura says: “Immediately I thought that this looks far more luxe than its bargain price tag. The product brushes on fairly easily and both adds colour and hold to the brow hairs, and once on it does not budge. I would definitely use a different brush to apply it though – one that’s firmer and with a sharp angled shape – as the one that this comes with is too soft and fiddly to hold.

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