Bizarre optical illusions will make you do a double take

Don’t believe your eyes! Bizarre optical illusions will make you do a double take

  • People from around the world share snaps featuring bizarre optical illusions
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Some photographs are so weird and wonderful they leave you wondering whether you can trust your own eyes.

And these snaps, collated into a gallery by, will do just that, making you look twice to try and figure out what you are really seeing.

The mind bending images, shared by social media users from around the world, feature various scenarios – which aren’t quite everything they seem at first.

One snap features what looks like an everyday bunch of bananas – but is actually an exotic yellow snake.

And another photo may shock you, showcasing what appears to be a bride, with her bare bottom on display. 

Meanwhile, a third snap shows a dog who looks like he’s about to go skydiving (clue: he isn’t).

Is this a two-headed cat – probably not feline well if so – or two cats having a cuddle? The photo is believed to be from the US 

In a further photo featuring a four-legged friend, a cat is seen burrowing through what looks, on initial glance, to be a train tunnel. 

One very intriguing image could leave you scratching your head, wondering is it a woman’s torso…or a strangely shaped glacier?

Once you’ve worked that one out, take a look at what looks like a truck full of chickens…or is actually packed with milk cartons? 

And that’s not even the strangest mix up, a further photograph showcases what looks like a bowl of baked beans – you won’t believe what it actually shows.

Here, FEMAIL shares mind boggling optical illusions that will leave you questioning your own eyes.  

This may look like a giant face and glasses – of course it’s a reflection from the bridge on top of the shimmering lake on Staten Island, New York

Bare faced cheek. At first glance, this photo appears to show a bride with her bare bottom on display, but can you tell what it really is? 

This photo may appear to show a bunch of bananas – in fact it is a snake believed to be from Costa Rica that you definitely don’t want to eat

Yummy! Who doesn’t love a bowls of baked beans and avocado on the side of a summer meal? Just be careful this particular dish doesn’t jump at you (hint: it’s a toad)

Animal cruelty? This dog may look like he is going sky-diving, but in fact, he is about to make snow angels in the snow

Cats eyes: This cat appears to be deep in a tunnel with train tracks running out from it. In fact, she is rolled up in a carpet

Seductive snow bank: If climate change isn’t sorted out soon, these icebergs will keep getting hotter 

To those with very poor eyesight, this may look like a French baguette. In fact, it’s a ginger moggie  

Bacon anyone? These large pieces of wood look like streaky bacon you would want in a sandwich 

What the cluck? Oh look, a truck full of merry chickens – that are in actual fact a bunch of milk bottles with red tops

This one from Iceland shows just how magical water can be, if it wasn’t for the climbing equipment you might think you were looking at a surfer on a wave

A big bowl of lettuce anyone? Well you’re not in luck this time unfortunately, because these are parrots

This photo from Malaysia appears to show giant Star Wars-esque giraffes in the sunset, in fact it is just cranes being used to build a port

At first glance, it may seem like this golden retriever has a large nose, but in fact he has a hamster on his normal-sized snout

This may look like a bride doing the splits, but actually she is sitting on a precariously positioned piece of wood. Don’t ask us why 

You may be forgiven for thinking this lady is swimming with a tiny man, in fact she is holding a sea urchin

Urgh: This may look like germs on a petri dish – in fact it is tiny turtles in a bowl, hopefully not about to be eaten

Lettuce anyone? You may think this is a healthy snack, but in fact it’s parrots with bright green feathers 

Your classic lava explosion over a pile of grey rocks is, in fact, a photo of an Australian bush fire through stormy clouds

Get her to hospital! This woman looks like she has had her leg torn off, and it is bleeding, but actually it is just her brown handbag 

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