Bjork celebrates eruption of Icelandic volcano with joyous Instagram post

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A volcano in Iceland is spewing red-hot lava after 6,000 years of dormancy, causing singer Bjork, who lives only 6 miles away, to erupt with joy.

“YESSS !! , eruption !!” she wrote on Instagram of the dramatic flare-up on the Reykjanes Peninsula, 20 miles southwest of the capitol, Reykjavik.

“We in iceland are sooo excited !!! ” she oozed.

“We still got it !!! sense of relief when nature expresses herself !!! enjoy , warmthness , björk.”

As a “P.S.” she included a snap of herself from her 2015 “Black Lake” video, showing her kneeling in a pit of volcanic ash.

“This photo is taken where the eruption is … we filmed “black lake” there …. 30 minutes from my house,” she gushed.

The eruption, described as relatively small by local volcanologists, is the first in the area in nearly 800 years.

Bjork and her neighbors will likely not need to be evacuated because the eruption is in a remote valley, about a mile and a half from the nearest road.

Iceland is not expecting to need any evacuations due to the volcano.

Icelandic Coast Guard via AP

This is the first volcanic eruption in this part of Iceland in close to 800 years.

Cat Gundry-Beck/REUTERS

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