Bond girl Eva Green humiliated to have private texts exposed in court

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Eva Green has been left “humiliated” by the release of her private text messages.

The “Penny Dreadful” star has been embroiled in a court case over the collapse of the 2019 sci-fi thriller film “A Patriot” due to a lack of funding and a spectacular falling-out with financial backers, reports Yahoo! News.

In the legal squirmish, which is being held in Britain’s High Court, Green’s WhatsApp messages have been submitted as evidence. In the texts, she allegedly referred to crew members as “sh–ty peasants,” a producer as “the devil,” labeled the movie’s director “weak and stupid,” called the project a “B-sh–ty-movie” and even described herself as “Cruella.”

On Tuesday, the actress, 42, was grilled about one particular message in which she called the film a “f–king nightmare” and told an associate: “We had to get out.”

Green vehemently denied sabotaging production or abandoning it.

“I have a very direct way of saying things,” she reportedly said on the witness stand. “I was not expecting to have my WhatsApp messages exposed in court. It’s already very humiliating.”

Elsewhere in the messages, Green allegedly discussed the possibility of buying the rights to the script and making it with her own crew. She denied lying about her intention to “get out” of the film by comparing her comments to one made by her “Casino Royale” co-star Daniel Craig, who infamously said in 2015 that he would rather “break this glass and slash my wrists” than film another James Bond movie.

“I know this story very well because I know Daniel,” she retorted.

Earlier on the stand, Green denied she wanted production on the “chaotic” film to collapse so she would have a chance to seize control of the film.

The French-born actress insisted that she did not do anything to “make the film fail.”

“I feel they made it fail on their own, by their own incompetence. Nothing was ready. Nothing was in place. It was a charade,” Green said.

When questioned about a message in which she allegedly declared: “I CANNOT make this film with (financiers) Sherbourne. IMPOSSIBLE,” Green said, “These are emotional words, I felt trapped at the time, it didn’t make any sense that the film was going to happen. I just felt cornered.

“It doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to honor my contract,” she clarified. “If called to set, I would have done this movie, even though it would have been a disaster.”

“I have never broken a contract, I had to do it.”

Green is suing White Lantern and financiers SMC Specialty Finance LLC to recover a reported $1 million “pay or play” contract.

The companies are countersuing for “conspiracy, deceit and unlawful interference” and claim that Green deliberately undermined the production, causing it to fall apart so she could swoop in and buy the script for herself.

The trial continues.

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