Bride blasts guest who wore ‘inappropriate’ shoes and sang on her wedding day

A bride has been left raging after her wedding guest's "inappropriate" behaviour on her special day.

Not only did the woman "steal the bride's limelight" she also rocked up wearing something that wasn't acceptable for a wedding.

Posting on popular parenting site Mumsnet, one user asked others if the woman was in the wrong for what she did.

She performed at the wedding to lend a hand after the band cancelled on the day, but the bride wasn't happy.

The unnamed Mumsnet user explained how the bride started to lose her head a bit in the run up to the big day.

And there was an argument with her husband-to-be when the bride demanded a veto on all wedding decisions.

She said: "My husband is a musician with an audio background – he spoke to the groom, offered to sing and play guitar for their first dance and a few other pieces.

"I also sometimes sing with my husband (I'm not a professional singer) so I did some backing vocals for the songs.

"I thought it was quite nice and went quite well all things considered – it was also quite a lot of stress to try and sort out on the day of the wedding to go home and get kit and get things set up without anyone really being aware or missing any part of the day."

After performing at the wedding, the woman revealed the bride got in contact and was less than impressed by her singing.

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She continued: "I've just been messaged by the bride today to say that she's really hurt that I made 'her day' all about me 'by stealing the limelight'.

"I also wore white shoes (with a navy dress) and she's said it was 'totally inappropriate and really nasty'.

"I feel like this is completely absurd – I only sang the backing vocals and, of course, all eyes would've been on her.

"I understand not wearing white to a wedding but I feel like it's just my shoes – am I wrong here?"

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The woman said she didn't want to cause any awkwardness and asked if she could apologise.

Since it was shared on the open forum, many sided with the guest and couldn't believe how ungrateful the bride had been.

One said: "She sounds very insecure. I'd ignore her, and not do her any favours in future."

Another added: "She can take it up with her husband if he agreed to something she wasn't comfortable with!"

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