Bride branded selfish by trolls as she doesnt want bridesmaids at her wedding

A woman has clapped back at trolls after they branded her 'selfish' for not wanting to have bridesmaids at her wedding.

Bride-to-be Clancy Burke made the controversial decision to not have a bridal party at her wedding because she wanted to step away from traditions.

However, some people in the comment section of her YouTube channel seemed to get rubbed up the wrong way by her decision and branded her 'selfish' and 'weird.'

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Now, the vlogger and former newsreader has taken to her channel to open up about her decision to not have bridesmaids on her big day.

In the video, which now has more than 112,000 views, Clancy explained: "It complicates everything, it makes everyone else have to spend so much money and it was stressing me out thinking about who I would pick.”

She also claimed that she doesn't have a large friendship group as she has pals from all over the place and they aren't necessarily friends with each other.

Clancy added: "The more I was thinking about it, I was like, 'why do I have to do bridesmaids if it’s just going to cause that much more stress of how am I going to ask them? What dresses am I going to force them to wear?'”

She also explained that she wanted to do away with traditions, with another that she is looking to get rid of is the father-daughter dance because neither she nor her dad is a good dancer.

But while some were complaining about her choice, others took to the comments to remind her that she can do what she wanted with her big day.

One user wrote: “It's HER wedding. Nobody else's opinions on how SHE should do it should matter. The people getting married make those decisions of what they want for their wedding.”

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Another added: "People complaining that she doesn't want bridesmaids so she 'has the spotlight': IT'S HER WEDDING FFS. The people getting married do and should have the spotlight! That's literally the point of the wedding."

A third wrote: "I’ve always felt obligated to say yes when friends asked me to be in their wedding, but secretly hated all of it. It was expensive and time-consuming. I think not having a wedding party is so smart!"

A fourth commented: "The absolute smartest thing you could’ve done is not have bridesmaids! Mine were a literal hell for my wedding."


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