Bride in stitches as dog kicks her out of her own wedding snap and kisses groom

A bride has been filmed getting kicked out of her own wedding photo op by her dog in a hilarious video.

Ms Cao, 25, brought her French bulldog along to the wedding reception in Bozhou, in Anhui of east China on Monday, October 26.

In a viral video seen nearly 40,000 times, the groom picks up the black and white pooch for a photo op.

As soon as the bride comes closer to pose for the picture, the pet kicks her in the stomach and quickly turns around to give the groom a kiss.

Ms Cao was left in stitches seeing her dog "cheated" on her.

The newlywed told local media Hongxing News that she has been living with her furry friend for about three years.

"I was shocked and didn't know how to respond when he literally kicked me out of the photo op," Ms Cao said.

Some viewers joked that Ms Cao got ditched by her pet while others said the dog has found his "new love".

One wrote: "Oh poor you, you got ditched by your pet. Clearly your dog has moved on, haha."

Another joked: "Who is the mistress here?"

"Forget it, your dog has found new love," a third added. "Look at that kiss."

In another viral wedding clip, a woman shared how her wedding ceremony took a bizarre turn when the officiant went off-script before she tied the knot with her partner.

The wedding minister gave her blessings and performed an impromptu rendition of "hallelujah" in front of the stunned couple and guests.

The woman recalled the moment and said it totally caught them off guard.

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