Bridesmaid slammed for buying white gown to wear at friends wedding

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A bridesmaid was slammed after she bought a white gown to wear to her friend's wedding.

A picture was recently posted on Reddit by the bride's sister, who simply said: "My sister is getting married. This is the dress one of her bridesmaids bought."

The post was accompanied by a picture of wedding guest wearing a floor-length, strappy and rather slinky cream gown.

People have since criticised her for picking a dress that has the potential to take the shine off the bride on her big day.

Not to mention, it was also the wrong colour, as the bridesmaids were allegedly told to find dresses that were gold.

The sister posted on Reddit, saying: "For context – bridesmaids were told to pick out any 'gold' dress. This is literally a wedding gown. We found it online and it even has a train.

"For additional context, she bought it without running it by the bride.

"She sent this photo with the text: 'I found the perfect dress to wear to your wedding, so I bought it!'

"My poor sister is trying to find a way to ask her to return it without causing drama!"

But that plan hasn't quite worked out as the dress has caused quite a bit of drama – at least on Reddit, anyway.

Many people have commented saying the colour is wrong, while another claimed "There is zero chance she didn't know 100% what she was doing."

One person replied: "Honestly I'd just have her ask the bridesmaid straight up 'why are you wearing a wedding dress to my wedding? And why do you think this is ok? Would you let me wear this to your wedding?'"

Another added: "Haha, why the need to not cause drama? What drama? Easy: 'No, that is white and looks like a wedding dress.'

"I’m worried I’m becoming too hard for the world. I’m unfussed by being direct.

"Tell your sis not to waste time labouring over how to tell her friend 'no, she is plainly wrong'."

Many people seemed to agree that it was inappropriate for the bridesmaid to buy the dress.

One person added: "There is zero chance she didn't know 100% what she was doing. That's why she says 'so I bought it' instead of 'what do you think?' like literally any normal person would.

"She's banking on your sister being too nice/passive to actually call her out on her bs. In no world is this not a wedding gown in a culture in which white dresses are common for brides.

"Also, this is white. Not gold, not champagne; white. But even if it's just the lighting and this is actually champagne, she was asked to buy a *gold* dress."

Meanwhile, others thought it was best to try and take quite an amicable approach by trying to move the conversation in a different direction.

One Reddit user suggested: "I think the best thing would actually be to point out how 'unimportant' she looks.

"Like – 'Oh no all the other girls have darker gold dresses, people are gonna think you're not a bridesmaid! They're gonna think you're just a guest!'

"Send her pics of the other bridesmaids dresses (if you have them, if not Google some)."

Another added: "Here's what I told my husband's stepmother over a decade ago (who tried to re-wear the ivory, silver, and champagne dress she got married in): 'The dress looks lovely on you, but I'm afraid it will look white in photos and may confuse guests. I'd appreciate it if you picked something else.'

"If you're wondering how that worked out, we barely talked to each other for years afterward, but at least she didn't wear the dress."

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