Brit tries US cereal for first time – sugar overload was like crystal meth

Americans are known for many things – from their love of fast food, to their giant portion sizes.

Their absolute adoration for sugary foods is right up there too, along with big sporting events, accompanied by cheesy nachos and hot dogs.

So, the Daily Star's correspondents in the US thought it would be a good idea to put that to the test and see how truly sugary American foods are – in this case cereal.

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Some of the brands we tried are famous US ones like Lucky Charms and Froot Loops, as well as some that are common in Britain too, such as Cheerios and Kellogg's Special K.

Lucky Charms consists of multi-coloured marshmallows and pieces of shaped pulverized oat, each resembling one of several objects or symbols associated with good luck – with the packaging even having a leprechaun as its mascot.

Similarly, Froot Loops are also multi-coloured (primarily appealing to children through their use of bright colours) and taste similar to sweetened fruit.

When we tasted them, we instantly felt the sugar overload hit our taste buds and felt that surely a cereal doesn't need to be that sweet.

Just one portion of cereal made our heart rate go through the roof, giving us such an adrenaline rush, in what felt similar to the symptoms of taking crystal meth.

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The feelings weren't just exclusive to these two types of cereal (which you would expect) just looking at them and their bright colours, but also from brands that we have in the UK too.

When tasting the supposedly healthier Cheerios and Special K, we were left with the same feeling of "why does this taste so unnecessarily sweet?"

Reddit users agreed with us, taking to the social media site to express their dislike of the excessive sugar levels.

One Redditor wrote: "The sugar lobbyists have inserted their addictive white powder into every single damn food in the US, especially cereal. And yet the companies still market them like they’re 'healthy.' It’s mad."

A second added: "Almost all cereal has way too much sugar."

Let us know in the comments what you think of American cereal.


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