Britons don’t know the price of basic supermarket trolley items, study finds

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The study of more than 2,000 Britons, revealed UK shoppers believe the value of a loaf of supermarket white bread cost more than what you can buy them for. Buyers overestimated the cost of 27 basic trolley items, out of a list 30 – with the exception of tenderstem, chicken and blueberries which all saw their costs underestimated.  The Real Price Report, put together by supermarket chain Aldi, found that items most overestimated in price included bourbon biscuits (82p vs 27p), a bag of pasta (£1.09 vs 51p) and a box of bran flakes (£1.85 vs. 89p).

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director at Aldi UK, said: “The analysis shows just how much cost confusion there is amongst UK shoppers, with few able to tell you the price of basic grocery items like bread, milk and eggs.

“This means that many shoppers could be unwittingly paying over the odds for their food shop, and there’s evidence to suggest that families are increasingly feeling the pinch because of the pandemic. 

“With new lockdown restriction, and in the lead-up to Christmas, we’re expecting more people than ever to be looking at ways to save money – including on groceries.

Recent research released by Which? showed that doing a full shop at Aldi was 24% cheaper than the same shop at the Big Four, meaning there could be big savings to be had just by switching supermarket.” 

With Britons spending an average of 8 percent of their total household expenditure on food to eat at home, the report found 28 percent of those surveyed are trying to be more attentive to the price of goods as a result of the pandemic (up from 22 percent in June). 

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