Bumble Wants to Pay You to Go on Dates for a Year

Do you find yourself stuck in dating purgatory? So do most singles. The good news? Now you can get paid to go on shitty dates—and hopefully experience some good ones too.

Bumble announced earlier today that they are hiring a Global Connector Bee to find love all around the world. Think: a wine and cheese picnic with the Eiffel Tower in the background, thirst traps in the Amalfi Coast, or, I don’t know, a hike through Niagara Falls if that’s your thing.

Ahem: The *all-expenses paid* opportunity will pick one individual to not only tackle the nuances of dating in places like Australia, Canada, and the UK, but to also create new friendships and professional connections using the app’s features.

The Global Connector Bee will be required to share their experiences through blog and vlog posts, social media, and other creative outlets—which sounds like a great place to make your ex hella jealous. Not too bad of a gig, huh?

“We are a global company on a mission to connect great people in a kind and empowering way,” says Chelsea Maclin, Bumble’s vice president of marketing. “As our company and community of users continues to grow, it’s so important for us to advance our on-the-ground research about the global dating culture so we can optimize our product offerings for new communities and future generations.”

The application is open to new and existing Bumble users (18 and older) who want to legit live their best life, and you can apply for the position now until June 14 through the app. What are you waiting for?

From: Cosmopolitan US

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