Can YOU spot the snow leopard? The big cat is hiding in plain sight

Can YOU spot the snow leopards? Only people with the sharpest eyes will spot the predators in under eight seconds

  • Pictures show a snow leopard crawling among a mountain surface in Tibet 
  • But can you see the camouflaged cat? Test yourself with this picture challenge 
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While these may look like pictures of a normal rocky mountain surface… there is a deadly predator lurking in plain sight. 

The snow leopard isn’t easy to find, but if you squint you may be able to spot it. 

A wildlife photographer has captured some relatively close pictures of the snow leopard roaming free in Tibet. 

And, the big cat has exhibited some top-notch camoflauge skills, blending perfectly into the taupe-coloured background. 

Even the most eagle-eyed among us will struggle to spot the snow leopard in this picture, as it is perfectly camoflauged

The pictures show the big cat prowling around – but you may not be able to notice it straight away. 

Use this time wisely and scan the pictures from top to bottom to search for the sneaky snow leopard. 

Were you able to spot the snow leopard hidden on the mountain? And if so, how long did it take you to find it?

Once you have found the big furry cat, you’ll kick yourself for not finding it sooner. 

But, if you’re still struggling, draw your eyes towards the rocks, and you’ll see the carnivore crouching amongst them. 

Among the snow and rocks, there lies the predator, and if you cannot see it, here is a clue – look towards the bottom left

Another picture of the sneaky snow leopard shows it perched amongst some rocks in the snowy weather. 

The eagle-eyed amongst us will have no trouble finding the creature in this picture, and may have spotted the leopard straight away. 

But, if you need a clue, look for some spots towards the bottom left of the image. 

The big cat looks ready to pounce and, impressively, they are the top predators in their environment preying on mountain sheep and goats.  

The photographer captured the snow leopard climbing the mountain top, still can’t see it? Look centre-right 

The photographer captured another picture of the animal in its natural habitat – but can you see it?

Among the scarce snow, the predator is climbing the mountain top, if you still cannot see it – look towards the right of the picture.  

Snow leopards are sparsely located in 12 countries, in central Asia – including Mongolia, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal. 

Each country calls their snow leopards by a different name, in Tibet, where the creature is pictured, they are referred to as Sah or Shen.

You may need to squint for this one, but the snow leopard is pictured hiding here – can you see it?

The species is deemed vulnerable by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), with around only 4,000 remaining. 

The big cat can impressively kill prey up to three times their own weight in their challenging terrain. 

Their homes are rugged mountain landscapes and can reach heights of over 3,000 metres, where they prey on mountain sheep and goats. 

If you need help looking for the sneaky snow leopard, look towards the bottom right of the picture, and you may just see some spots. 

But, if you haven’t had any luck finding it, here are the answers – prepare to have your mind blown.  

Perhaps the most difficult image, the camouflaged big cat is pictured crouched among the rocks, camouflaged into the taupe-coloured background 

You may have mistaken the furry creature for a rock – but the snow leopard is sat on top of them, looking ready to pounce

The sneaky big cat is walking up the mountain, but as he perfectly blends in to the surface, you may have missed it 

The spotted creature is crawling along the mountains terrain, but you might not have seen it as the creature closely resembles a rock 

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