Cat Bonds and Blends in with His Shiba Inu Siblings: 'They've Become True Companions'

This cat is one of the dogs!

An unidentified Japanese couple recently spoke to Bored Panda about their pets, highlighting the unique bond between their new cat and their three Shiba Inu dogs. One of the owners said she had to persuade her dog-person partner into agreeing to get a cat.

"The reason why I wanted to expand our family with a cat rather than a dog was quite simple: I've had a cat in the past," she told the outlet. "But when I told my husband that I wanted a kitty, I learned he wasn't very fond of cats. I kept at it, but he refused every time. After some time, however, I was able to find a cat we both liked."

Once they found an American Shorthair cat to add to their fur family, they named him Kiki and introduced him to his doggy siblings. The couple documents the inter-species companionship between their pets on Instagram, where they've amassed more than 190,000 fans.

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Kiki even fits in with Shiba Inu strangers.

″I took Kiki and our dogs to a Shiba Inu party,″ one of his owners said. ″Kiki was getting along with all the dogs just fine, but one of them suddenly started barking at him. Immediately, one of our Shibas, Saki, barked back, protecting Kiki. At that point, I understood they've become true companions."

The pet owners said the cat even sleeps like a dog.

″I often hear that it's the dogs who get used to their owner's sleeping schedule, and cats are the jerks who get up early and wake you up at 4 a.m. or something like that,″ the owner added, ″but Kiki also sleeps together with the rest of us until morning.″

They added that the dogs are also courteous to Kiki's kitty tendencies. ″The Shibas are usually quiet at home, so Kiki seems to be able to rest whenever he wants with a peaceful mind," they said.

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