Celebrity-targeting hackers return with dirt on Bad Boy, LeBron and more

The hackers who attacked the celebrity law firm ran by famed attorney Allen Grubman are back.

The group, which calls itself REvil, has posted a new message on the dark Web saying it’s ready to auction off all the info it allegedly has on LeBron James, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, starting at $600,000 per star.

They also claim to have documents on Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment for a reserve price of $750,000, plus secret files on Universal and MTV for auction starting at $1 million per company.

The hackers, believed to be Eastern European, claim on their site, “Bribery celebrity’s [sic] by the Democratical [sic] party, sexual harassment by top politicians, envy of celebrity’s for each other … all of that is waiting for you in files of Grubman company.”

Grubman has refused to pay a ransom demand of $42 million.

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