Chinese zoo tries to pass off rottweiler as a wolf

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Dogs are descendants of wolves, but the two are not the same – unless, apparently, you’re a zookeeper in central China.

Visitors to the Xiangwushan Zoo in Xianning, Hubei province, China, were confused this week when they found a rottweiler in the wolf enclosure.

A visitor’s video went viral after he filmed the caged animal while saying: “Woof! Are you a wolf?”

The man who filmed the footage told Beijing News (via the BBC) he was told by staff that “there had been a wolf (once), but that it had died of old age’.”

Local media reported employees of the zoo claimed the dog would only be there shortly but that the zoo, which also has (real) lions and tigers. now been told by the local forestry bureau to remove the sign leading to the enclosure.

Social media in China didn’t hold back. On Weibo, one commenter said: “At least get a husky (it will look more like a wolf).”

The zoo has since been told to take down the “wolf” sign. No word on the rottweiler’s future.

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