Chrissy Teigen’s Back Tattoo Is A Sexy Tribute To John Legend

I have no personal experience to confirm this, but I would venture to guess returning the favor is a difficult task when your husband wrote one of the sexiest songs of all time in your honor. Buuuuut I think Chrissy Teigen’s new back tattoo actually managed to do the trick. ICYMI: In June of 2020, John Legend released a sexy song called "Ooh-Laa" in honor of his wife. Some lyrics include: “It’s ooh-laa / That’s the only music that I wanna hear / Is, “‘Ooh-laa’ / Get a little louder, scream it in my ear, yeah / Spin it ’round, let it bounce some / Up and down, think we found something / Smack it, flip it, rub it down / To the sound of, ‘Ooh-laa’ / ‘Ooh-laa, ooh-laa.’”

So, it was only right that Teigen would have celeb tattoo artist Winter Stone ink the words, “Ooooh laaaa,” in beautiful cursive script down her spine. Stone posted a picture of the final product to his Instagram on Jan. 12 alongside this caption:

For her part, Teigen looped her followers in on the new tat by uploading a much-appreciated almost three-minute-long IGTV video detailing the entire experience. Naturally, the video starts out with a mask-clad Legend standing by her side serenading her with his a capella rendition the sexy lyrics as Stone inks her back.

Later, the video features Legend asking Teigen to "tell everyone about the first time" she heard the song. When Teigen admitted she forgot, Legend jogged her memory. “I remember it was in our bedroom… we had to test run it," he told her. "Make sure it worked. It worked. We actually played it on repeat the first time.”

Teigen’s video, which concludes with a quick clip of her and Legend making out, honestly may be even sexier than the song itself. I’d 10/10 recommend giving it a watch if you’re feeling frisky.

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