‘Common makeup mistakes making your skin look older

Makeup artist shows how to lift a mature face with cream products

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“People often think that with ageing they need more makeup to enhance their beauty but it’s actually quite the opposite,” beauty YouTuber Ale Jay told her audience of 305K subscribers. She explained that there are some “common makeup mistakes that make you look older” while you’re trying to create a youthful look.

“If you’re looking to look younger, then you need to start paying attention to your makeup mistakes,” she said. Some of the main errors people make tend to focus on skin products, specifically foundation, concealer and powder.

Ale claims that even if you have a go-to product which has been part of your artillery for many years, as your skin begins to mature, you may want to invest in a more lightweight option. She explained: “As you age your skin loses elasticity therefore you don’t want to stick to using the same foundation you were using five or 10 years ago.

A thick foundation tends to settle in your fine lines and wrinkles and doesn’t move, making your fine lines prominent which you want to avoid.

“Instead, you want to opt for a lightweight water-based foundation that has hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and moisturising glycerin because these types of foundations don’t settle in your fine lines and wrinkles giving your skin a very dewy and healthy finish.”

If you’re on the hunt for a new foundation, Ale recommends Smashbox’s Halo Healthy Glow All-in-One Tinted Moisturiser, which can be purchased from Next for £16.50.

“It’s a lightweight foundation-like product that doesn’t settle in your fine lines,” she said. “It also helps to even out your skin tone and provide your skin with all-day hydration because it contains hyaluronic acid which helps to hydrate the skin.”

Instead of reaching for concealer to hide dark spots and under-eye bags, the beauty influencer recommends using a tinted moisturiser instead – particularly if you are prone to dry skin.

“A common mistake people make is using a concealer which has a thicker formula under their eyes where they have wrinkles and fine lines,” she explained.

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“Using this causes the concealer to crease and cake up under your eyes because of the formulation of the concealer.

“Because foundation is similar to concealer, you want to use that lightweight foundation that you use on your skin under your eyes to help cover up the discolouration instead of using a concealer.”

Ale puts her suggestions to the test, showing that the side which uses only tinted moisturiser and a lightweight foundation “looks more glowy and healthier”.

Many people then choose to set their skin products with a powder. “Powder is used on your skin to help absorb the oils from the concealer,” said Ale. “But the type of powder you use and how you use it can impact the texture of your skin.”


Although using powder under the eyes to set makeup is beneficial for some people, this depends on your skin type. Those with delicate skin are advised to avoid leaving powder to sit on the skin for long periods of time.

“If you have dry skin then you definitely want to avoid baking under your eyes because letting that powder sit under your eyes can cause your under-eyes to be even drier, causing more texture on your skin,” said the beauty expert.

“Our under-eyes naturally do not have any oil glands which means the skin tends to be drier than the skin on our face. It is very important that your under-eyes remain hydrated in order for your skin to look youthful.”

Instead, she recommends “lightly dusting” a little bit of powder under the eyes using a soft bristled eyeshadow brush.

“This will set the concealer flawlessly without making your under-eyes look dry,” added Ale.

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