Connecticut Is the Horniest State Apparently

You might assume states with big metropolises like New York and California have all the kinksters, but it turns out Connecticut is a much hornier state than people typically give it credit for, per a new survey from Bespoke Surgical.

New York City-based Bespoke Surgical, led by Dr. Evan Goldstein, D.O, (who we’ve interviewed for stories relating to anal sex myths), specializes in butt-adjacent treatments ranging from preventative (anal pap smears) to cosmetic (anal botox) and recently published a survey from 2,300 respondents looking at how spending on sex products varies by state.

This info is surprising to say the least, since Connecticut is often thought of as pretty uptight and repressed, kind of puritanical New England-y. And I say that as someone from there! Like, our pop culture claim to fame is Gilmore Girls, for crying out loud.

While the survey data doesn’t seem to drill down into whether or not it was nationally representative or had an equal number of participants from each state (and it only features data from the 40 most populous states is shown, as they had the largest comparable sample sizes), the at-a-glance numbers are entertaining and give Connecticut a lot of street cred.

Most notably, the survey found that respondents from these states claimed the highest self-reported annual spending on sex products including lubes, sex toys, fetish gear, and not including contraceptives:

While these states spent the least amount:

Also really surprising for Connecticut, apparently 78.9% of folks in the survey from the Constitution State reported buying fetish gear on an annual basis. Really goes AGAINST the Stepford-y image of the state…or maybe not? Are Nutmeggers (aka people from the 203 and 860 area codes of Connecticut) so repressed that they’ve gone all the way around to a full 180? For more survey results, you can check out the full blog post here. Do you agree with your state’s rankings?

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