Daily horoscope for July 20: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Your Moon is traversing the sign of Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the horoscope. Saggitarius is an element of Fire that bolsters your need for independence and idealism. You yearn to cast off the shackles that keep you bound to the ground and you aim to set your spirit free.

With the Moon in Saggitarius today, you are driven to find safety in things you can control.

This could involve undertaking new missions and setting new goals you want to achieve in the coming days.

Alternatively, the astrologers at Astro-Seek.com believe you may also find safety in a new philosophy – something that will give your life meaning.

The Saggitarius Moon fills you with optimism and this will reflect on how you approach your problems.

When you believe things are good and can only get better from now on, it’s much easier to see your work done.

Even getting into trouble or things not quite working out as intended is unlikely to dampen your spirits.

The Saggitarius Moon forms a 120-degree Trine with Chiron in Aries today.

According to YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott, this lunar combination puts the focus on you – your ability to learn, to travel and to explore.

These sorts of activities and undertakings will miracles for your self-esteem and wellbeing.

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There is a chance to heal and to allow positivity to fill you from within.

And when you open the floodgates for these feelings to come through, chances are self-respect will follow.

The Saggitarius Moon also Quincuxes the planet Uranus in the sign of Taurus.

Remember that Uranus in this scenario is the “Planet of the miraculously unexpected”.

According to Mr Scott, this 150-degree aspect will help you brace for changes outside of your immediate sphere of influence.

He said: “You have great compassion for your own situation, for those things happening in your life, and how you’re going to be there for yourself to resolve them.

“And also, you have compassion for other people who may be going through it.”

You are also looking at a Quincunx between Mercury in Cancer and the Moon today.

Mercury, as we all know, is the Planet of Communication.

In this case, however, Mr Scott thinks the aspect is going to influence your language – the language of love.

The Moon also Sextiles the Ringed Giant, Saturn, in Aquarius.

Mr Scott said: “So you have an appreciation for yourself and wanting to do things which are exciting and which help you progress through life – but you also have respect for the plight of other people.”

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