David After Dentist kid is unrecognisable 15 years after viral video

A kid who became a viral sensation for his groggy post surgery ramblings after getting a tooth removed will soon graduate university.

David DeVore Jr. was just seven when his dad filmed his loopy reaction to anaesthesia treatment.

The boy famously asked “is this real life” in the hilarious video that was recorded 15 years ago.

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It is regarded as one of YouTube’s first homemade viral hits and has amassed 141million views.

Now, all these years later, David, 22, spoke with the Daily Star about what life has been like since.

“Every once in a while someone will just recognise me from the video somehow,” he laughed.

“I have a baby face but I still look a lot different than I did in the video. But every few years, something crazy like that, someone is able to just somehow recognise me from when I was seven years old.”

And as for what he is doing now, the down to earth young man added: “Since the video I graduated high school, I got into the University of Florida which many consider to be the best college in our state.

“I am studying computer science here and I am a senior and will graduate at the end of this year. I am getting ready to do an internship this summer and I am hoping to solidify a job when I graduate.”

David’s dad filmed the video because his wife was out of town during the tooth extraction – and he only put it on YouTube seven months later to save him sending the video to friends and relatives individually.

Days later it had attracted millions of views and life was never the same again.

“It has been the biggest blessing,” David told us.

“There are nothing but positive experiences. We have gotten to do things, see things and go to places we never would have.

“And some of the most bizarre interactions with strangers were a lot closer to the time the video came out.

“When we were in New York for the Today show people were spotting me across Times Square. Then when I was 13, like six years later, my family was at a restaurant and the chef in the kitchen saw me through the kitchen window and recognised me somehow. It was crazy stuff like that.”

David also spoke fondly of being flown to LA with his parents and brother for the premier of Ralph Breaks the Internet where viral kids got to walk the red carpet.

But even though we now live in a TikTok-frenzied world where youngsters chase internet fame, it wasn’t like that when David became the talk of the internet.

He explained: “When it happened it was such a new thing and not only was it new in terms of the internet and the technology but I was only seven, eight, nine, ten.

“So you can only comprehend so much. The video got three million views in three days but I couldn’t comprehend or understand how big of a deal that was.

“So because of that I was able to just go with the flow. It didn’t become a bigger part of me than it was.”

And asked whether he considered it a blessing that it happened when he was a little boy, he said: “It definitely could have gone to my head if I was a bit older.

“I think that is what happens a lot now to people, especially when they are older. Look at anyone who was viral for a video from when they were younger, they are not really like that.

“It is the people who are viral for something in their teenage years or older that are the ones who are trying to make a music career out of it or whatever and that is like their whole personality.”

David tends not to tell peers about the video – but more often than not they find out or are soon told about it.

And it did make its way back in the news in 2021 when the original unedited version was sold as an NFT for $11,600 (approx £9,500).

Money from the clip has helped pay for David and his brother’s education – and despite the TV appearances and red carpet events, the viral sensation still comes across as humble.

He said: “I have to admit, I have had thoughts that this person would not talk to me if I was not 'David After Dentist' but it is what it is, it was a funny thing.

“I just sit back and watch what happens with it. I have a good amount of time to myself and a good amount of privacy where if someone wants to talk about then I am more than willing to.

“My friends will say stuff about it now and then but for the most part my friends are family that are close to me, we almost forget about it.”

Despite playing it down, David did have one confession.

He laughed: “I try not to take advantage of it too hard but to get into the University of Florida you have to have certain academic merit but they also put a lot of emphasis on the essay you have to write…

“So I really milked the 'David After Dentist' thing in the essay and I got in so I don’t know whether it did or didn’t have an impact but I tried.

“You had to talk about something unique in your life that had an impact on you and taught you something that has been valuable as a potential student.

“So I used that to talk about some of the unique things I was able to experience and things like that.”

Before ending our call with David, we asked him why the video still resonates with people today.

He replied: “On the face of it, it is a kid on drugs and it tickles people. You see adults and they are wasted or they are on drugs and you see videos of that all the time.

“But I was seven and coming out of surgery but I just also think it was the raw emotion of it.

“I didn’t have the ability to withstand what I was feeling so it was raw and the anaesthesia they used on me was ketamine and that is illegal to use on seven year olds now. You can’t do that any more.

“What I was feeling was a pretty new thing and it was being managed and watched. It was a good illustration of what anaesthesia feels like.”

If for some bonkers reasons you have never seen the video, or you fancy a giggle down memory lane, you can take a look here.


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