Doctors plea for basic hygeine as people dont wash five body parts properly

Having a good wash regularly is part of everyone's routine – or at least it should be.

One doctor has felt the need to post a plea online for people to have good personal hygiene as she claims people aren't washing at least five of their body parts correctly, or in some cases, at all.

Dr Jen Caudle, who has racked up nearly 90,000 loyal followers on social media, filmed a video listing off all of the places people are letting "get gross" — including their belly button and under the fingernails.

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In the video, which has gained more than 1million views, she said: "Five body parts you are not washing enough – number one, your belly button. That's right.

"A lot of people don't wash their belly button at all. Guys. It gets gross. Please wash your belly button.

"Number two is behind the ears, the top of the ear behind this little area here in the back, and also the lobe. I want you to specifically wash that area.

"One way to know is if you do this, you rub your ear, you rub somewhere and you smell it and it's gross. You haven't washed it recently.

"The next thing is making sure that you wash or rather scrub underneath your fingernails. This is where a lot of dirt and grossness gets trapped. Our fingernails, we don't often think about it.

"Number four, our legs. Yeah. I want you to actually wash your legs. I'm not talking about letting that soap run down your legs in the shower. I'm talking about washing. Wash your legs please.

"Number five, your toes. Okay. Get in between those toes. Make sure you're washing them. You wanna make sure you're preventing infections of many different sorts.

"Make sure you're deliberately washing your toes and the rest of your body, by the way."

Many TikTok viewers were left flabbergasted by the clip as they didn't understand why it needed to be said – but others thanked her for reminding them where they needed to wash.

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One user said: "Who DOESN’T wash these parts? I thought that we were all grown here!!"

Another added: "I find it sad this has to be said."

A third commented: "I be forgetting to wash my bellybutton."

"I don’t like my belly button touched lol it makes me nauseous and lightheaded," a fourth claimed.


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