Dog turns herself blue after rolling on painting left to dry outside

Bessie the Bedlington-Whippet cross was sporting a new look last week after she accidentally turned herself blue.

The two-year-old dog rolled on paint leftover in the garden when her owner wasn’t looking.

Her owner’s relative had created the artwork and put it outside to dry but it fell over and created a bit of a mess.

Despite lots of attempts to wash the oil-based paint out of her fur, she remained stained for four days.

Her owner, Sacha Barbato, 49, says the family got a few ‘funny looks’ while out walking Bessie but she was absolutely fine.

The travel agent, from Brandiston, Norfolk, posted the photo of Bessie on social media and said: ‘What do you do when your dog rolls in some acrylic paint and it will not come out after two washes?

‘Asking for a friend.’

He later added: ‘Just to explain a canvas with fresh paint had dropped on the ground and she rolled in the grass which obviously smelt funny to her. She was washed and most was in her fur rather than skin. She is well and happy now and feeling less blue.’

He joked that he’d had to avoid blue clothes for a few days in case people thought it was some kind of fashion statement.

Sacha continued to update fans on Bessie as the colour faded, confirming that she had been checked over by a vet, who said she was fine.

After a day at the beach, rolling in the sand, Bessie was almost back to normal on Monday.

Sacha’s final update on Twitter said: ‘Bessie’s blue look has faded .. like her 15 minutes of fame. She is now more of a dull green .. not the cool blue she used to be.. a shadow of her former self.

‘She normally does something daft … so watch this space … I worry about her next move !?’

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