Drew Barrymore Tells Dylan Farrow She Regrets Working with Woody Allen

Drew admits she “was one of the people who was basically gaslit” into believing Allen’s version of events.

Drew Barrymore is the latest actor to speak out against her own work with Woody Allen, expressing her regrets during an interview with Dylan Farrow — who has accused Allen of sexually assaulting her as a child.

Farrow appeared on Drew’s show to discuss the allegations against her adoptive father and her family’s participation in the four-part HBO documentary “Allen v. Farrow,” with Barrymore beginning the interview by quickly addressing her own history with the director.

“I would like to explain myself. This is not about me, but I want to have this type of candor,” she began the sit-down. “I worked with Woody Allen. I did a film with him in 1996 called, ‘Everyone Says I Love You,’ and there was no higher career calling card than to work with Woody Allen.”

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“Then I had children and it changed me because I realized that I was one of the people who was basically gaslit into not looking at a narrative beyond what I was being told and I see what is happening in the industry now and that is because of you making that brave choice,” she added. “So thank you for that.”

Farrow thanked Barrymore for her support, saying she was “trying not to cry right now” after that introduction. “It is just so meaningful because it’s easy for me to say, ‘Of course you shouldn’t work with him, he’s a jerk, he’s a monster,’ but I just find it incredibly brave and incredibly generous that you would say to me that my story and what I went through was important enough to you to reconsider that,” she added.

“Allen v. Farrow” details the sexual abuse allegations against Allen by Dylan, his then seven-year-old daughter with Mia Farrow. The doc also dives into Allen’s relationship with Farrow’s daughter Soon-Yi. The accusations first came out in 1992, twelve years and three children into Allen and Farrow’s relationship together. Soon-Yi was one of Farrow’s six children — three adopted, three biological — from her relationship with André Previn prior to Allen, while she adopted Dylan during her time with the director. Two official investigations were launched following the allegations — which Allen has denied repeatedly — and no charges were ever brought upon the filmmaker.

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Speaking with Barrymore, Farrow said she was “shocked” when her mother Mia and brother Ronan Farrow agreed to participate in the HBO series.

“Gradually more and more of my siblings signed on and a few of them didn’t. And I’ve spoken to them about that too and I respect that decision as well,” she explained. “But I mean, in terms of like family meetings, not really, but there was communication. And interestingly, the documentary has led to greater communication between us as a result, I think, which is interesting.”

When asked why she was surprised so many family members backed her publicly, she said, “I think mostly because — and this is something that I think was mentioned in the documentary — that we never talked about it. I mean, we wouldn’t talk about it to each other. So talking about it publicly it just seemed absolutely incomprehensible.”

She added that she and her mother didn’t watch the series together, because they were “in separate quarantine pods,” but said she would have “loved” to if given the chance.

“I really sort of, heard everything from her after the fact it was just a very strange pathway that we navigated separately and together but I think it definitely changed a lot about how me and my mom relate to each other and interact with each other,” she added. “And I think there’s a very renewed level of just respect just woman to woman.”

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After the docuseries aired, Allen and Soon-Yi released a statement calling it a “hatchet job riddled with falsehoods.”

“Woody and Soon-Yi were approached less than two months ago and given only a matter of days ‘to respond.’ Of course, they declined to do so,” the statement continued. “As has been known for decades, these allegations are categorically false. Multiple agencies investigated them at the time and found that, whatever Dylan Farrow may have been led to believe, absolutely no abuse had ever taken place.”

“It is sadly unsurprising that the network to air this is HBO — which has a standing production deal and business relationship with Ronan Farrow,” they added. “While this shoddy hit piece may gain attention, it does not change the facts.”

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