Dylan McDermott Isn't So Sure About That American Horror Stories Ending Either (Exclusive)

McDermott chimes in on “passing the torch” to Noah Cyrus and Paris Jackson, fitting into Ben’s pants 10 years later and his AHS legacy being tied to crying and masturbation.

“American Horror Stories” once again returned to the place that started it all in its Season 1 finale: Murder House, which was popularized in parent series “American Horror Story” way back in 2011.

Along for the ride were many familiar faces — including Dylan McDermott, reprising his role for the second time as Dr. Ben Harmon following a previous appearance as the same character on “Apocalypse.” Joining him were AHS universe newcomers like Paris Jackson and Noah Cyrus, as well as more sinister sights like Rubber Man, Twisty the Clown and Infantata.

American Horror Stories Finale Brings Murder House Story to a Close — Or Is It Just a New Chapter?

The finale took a very meta twist, with two super fans of “American Horror Story” visiting the house for a tour. They wound up coming face to face with its many nasty inhabitants and were brutally murdered, only for it to be revealed the whole opening set piece was part of a video game based on the show. For research, the developer then bought the home, had a therapy session with Dr. Ben before being murdered herself and trapped in its walls. Eventually, the developer’s son burnt down the home, new condos were erected in its place and most of the spirits simply moved on. That too was revealed to be part of the game — though the episode ended with Beau’s ball rolling around in “the real world,” suggesting the home’s ghosts are free to do as they please, wherever they please going forward.

It was a trippy ending and one that confused fans. Speaking with TooFab, McDermott didn’t do much to clear up any confusion — but said he’d be down to return to both the location and his character anytime series creator Ryan Murphy needs him.

Keep reading to see what he said about his return to the show, its fans, the new generation of cast members and poor Ben’s penchant for self-pleasure … in tears.

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This is the second time you’ve returned to Murder House, after the one-off Apocalypse episode. Is it wild to see how iconic that location and original season has become?

Oh my god, yeah. The people that line up, they’re still lining up. They hang out there all day long. It’s just incredible, the success of the show and the cult that really is the fans of American Horror Story worldwide. It’s incredible that it goes on and people keep showing up every day.

How did it feel to be back again after some time away?

It’s 10 years, it’s unbelievable that much time has passed. The amazing thing to me is that I still fit into my costume.

No alterations necessary?

No! I was still the same 31 waist. I was like, “Oh hell yes!” That was really a great accomplishment. But yeah, going back, it’s so familiar going back to the house and the memories and all that time we spent together. It was the first time, it was an anthology series, a horror series, it was only a one-year contract, all that stuff was never done before. Ryan really broke the mold, because no one had ever done that before. Then all of a sudden, the show came out, it was a huge success and the show is still on the air. I’m sure it’ll be 20 seasons!

We’ve spoken to the people who own the real house and they’ve definitely sensed some spiritual activity there. Have you ever felt a presence just working on the show?

You know, you do feel something. There is a presence. You’re stirring up something, certainly, when you’re working on the show. I’m well aware of that and I sort of honor that and know that going in, when you step into this world that it’s there. I’m aware of it when I’m working on the show.

Have you rewatched Murder House at all since it was initially released, possibly to get back into Ben’s headspace for this?

You know, I haven’t seen it in so many years. Probably 10 years. Usually I’ll watch something once, maybe twice and then you let it go. I’m not somebody who revisits much.

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The show begins with a pair of super fans visiting the home and, as you mentioned, fans still show up there to take pictures. Have you had any particularly memorable interactions with fans of the show in your own life that stand out?

They’re everywhere! The success of this show is phenomenal, so I don’t know if there’s a day that goes by that somebody doesn’t recognize me from the show and when I say fans, these are rabid fans. It’s like Rocky Horror Picture Show.

When you read the script or watched the episode in full, what do you think happened to the Murder House at the end? Fans have questions.

This is the big question. Was this the video game? Did the house burn down in the video game or did the house burn down in real life? Are they now set free or was it just a video game and Murder House is still there? That’s the big question. I played it as if it was real, I couldn’t play it as if it was a video game, so I kind of kept it as real. But you just never know with the mind of Ryan Murphy. Will he bring back Ben Harmon? Will he bring back the characters of Murder House? We’re gonna have to wait for him. I think [the Murder House] might be there forever.

While we don’t know what Ryan will do next, would you be down to play Ben again and do you think he could be floating around in the real world now?

I’m always down to play Ben. He’s like a good friend, so I go back and get ready to cry again somewhere [laughs].

How does it feel to have your legacy on this show so tied to crying and masturbating? It was brought up in this episode, we saw it again when you returned for “Apocalypse” and, of course, was part of the first season.

It’s a standing joke, it’s an absolute standing joke. I accept it now. I think it’s hilarious.

When you read the initial script in Murder House when you had to do it, did you think it was as hilarious then?

No. Initially, it was like, “Oh wow, this is intense.” Did I know it would become a standing joke or a meme? Every meme is certainly me crying. I think it’s hilarious.

This really was an All-Stars episode of Horror Story, with all these iconic characters like Infantata, Twisty the Clown, Beau, Rubber Man walking around set. How was it being around all of them at once?

Again, memories, all the episodes of Murder House and all these great characters and they’re all in the house — that house is so crowded, there’s just too many of us in that house and there’s nowhere to go!

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Can you talk a little about working with some of the younger cast in this. We’ve got people like Noah Cyrus and Paris Jackson in the fold now, what was that energy like on set?

It really was like passing the torch, like this younger generation coming up and kind of giving it to them. It’s theirs now. This show is going to continue, it has legs and it’s going to be around for another 20 years. It’s nice to see the younger people come up and give it to them, say, Okay, it’s yours now, you take this. That was fun really, because I was the OG on the set and now all these young people coming up, it felt good.

How does it feel to have someone like Noah say they grew up watching the show …

That hurts!

But you haven’t aged, you still look the same, so good on you!

Thank you!

You’ve done six Ryan Murphy projects now — five Horror Stories and Hollywood — where do you see your partnership going next and do you always answer Ryan’s calls?

It’s really up to Ryan, he’s the genius. He sort of like sees me and figures out what role is right for me and what project, so I trust him implicitly to take me on this journey and that’s been 11 years now. I’ve had fun in all the projects I’ve been on. “Hollywood” was just phenomenal for me, I loved playing Ernie West, that intricate character work that I’ve loved to do forever. It was Ryan Murphy that allowed me to do that and he sees me in a way I think no one else does and that’s why I love working with him. He gives me the freedom to go out there and create these really interesting and complex characters that you don’t always get to play. And I think that’s why all actors like working with him, he gives you that license.

Last question — might we see you in Double Feature?

No, I won’t be in Double Feature. American Horror stories is my contribution.

You’re booked and busy, that’s a good thing!

The full first season of “American Horror Stories” is available now on FX on Hulu.

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