Emmerdales Mary star Louise Jamesons life off screen including heartbreaking daily struggle

Louise Jameson shot to fame when she was cast as the companion to the fourth Doctor in Doctor Who back in 1977.

Louise stunned as the leather-clad Leela in the role, and her newfound fame would go on to help her secure roles in crime series Bergerac, soap Eastenders and classic hospital drama Holby City.

In 2022, the 72 year old veteran star joined the cast of Emmerdale.

Louise plays Mary Goskirk, the mother of Rhona Goskirk, who decided to move to the village and spend more time with her daughter after growing lonely during the Covid 19 lockdowns.

However, it wasn’t a totally smooth reunion and Rhona initially struggled to get on with her mum, who she felt was constantly putting her down.

Mary faced plenty of issues of her own, too, as she had a lesbian love affair go badly awry and now faces being blackmailed.

Off-screen, actress Louise’s life has been almost as dramatic.

She’s a well-known star, and that has made her the target of some very unsavoury people.

In a recent interview with The Mirror, Louise admitted that she’s being hounded by scam artists looking to nick her (no doubt considerable) cash.

“I will get an email, phone call or text at least once a week trying to tempt me into some scam,” she said, before explaining that she’s now hyper-vigilant after a pal lost £20,000.

Louise even admitted that some particularly savvy scammers have faked being the BBC and told her that they needed to redirect some of her acting royalties.

She’s had a few ups and downs in her romantic life, too.

Louise was married for seven years between 1990 and 1997 to Martin Bedford, an artist she met during the film of Bergerac in the 1980s.

She also had a prior relationship with an unknown man, with whom she welcomed her two sons, Harry and Tom.

Louise has rarely spoken out about her experience of motherhood and her boys were born before she shot to fame, but did once joke that her being a TV actress gave her sons some “kudos” in their teens.

She also alluded to having a grandchild, named Hugo, in the same rare interview, but nothing else is known about him.

It’s also not known which of her sons is the father, and if there are any other little ones hanging around.

Louise is also known to be a devoted philanthropist and was a regular prison visitor in the 1970s, when she first met late pal Leslie Grantham.

At the time, he was serving a 12 year long life sentence for murder, but had dreams of becoming an actor.

Louise encouraged him to pursue his passion and he wound up securing the part of “Dirty” Den Watts in long-running soap Eastenders after he was released.

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