Everyone’s Talking About Ashley Biden’s Unique Inauguration Night Look

Ashley Biden was not playing around on inauguration night. Amongst a room of sparkly, glamorous gowns, the first daughter stood out with her incredibly unique look. Her ‘fit consisted of tailored pants, a button-up white shirt, an undone bow tie, and a pair of Chloe Gosselin T-strap heels (via The New York Post).. She paired the outfit with simple jewelry and, of course, a chic black mask. Biden wore her hair up in a slicked back ponytail, truly finishing off this unique, adrongynous look.

There’s something about this look that just is so on-brand for the first daughter; she’s always lived her life out of the limelight, focusing more on her own career as a social worker and activist than anything else, not even having any public social media accounts. While she doesn’t often participate in interviews, when she does, she has an incredibly fierce yet quite confidence about her that makes us listen in to every word she says. Needless to say, the tux suits her.

Social media is drooling over Biden's incredible outfit

Social media is freaking out over Biden’s look — they love it. In the most Buzzfeed way ever, Buzzfeed wrote an entire article on the look, essentially verbally drooling over the sharp ‘fit, titled, “I Obviously Need To Talk About Ashley Biden’s Tuxedo.” On Twitter, the chatter surrounding Biden’s look was even louder. Writer Jill Gutowitz tweeted, “i am trying so desperately hard not to tweet about ashley biden in a tux oh god someone take my phone away i’m not strong.” Another user wrote, “YUP. Let’s also not forget Ashley Biden in her tux Fire Smashing all the gender norms.”

But while the first daughter absolutely slayed the inauguration night, the rest of the Biden clan didn’t look so bad themselves, either. First Lady Jill Biden is a bit of a fashion icon, herself, sporting a stunning white dress by Gabriela Hearst, while President Biden’s granddaughters Naomi, Finnegan, Natalie, and Maisy opted for more youthful, vibrant vibes, with Maisy catching eyes in her floral Rodarte gown that she paired with sneakers (via The New York Post).

It’s only one day into the Biden Administration and we’re already psyched for the style that has to come!

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