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EVERYONE could do with saving a little money where they can at the moment, especially with bills continuing to skyrocket.

Whether its turning down the thermostat, cleaning out your freezer or discovering underused money-saving settings on your gadgets -there's plenty you can try.

The key to any energy saving tip is to make it as easy and simple as possible with little fuss.

One simple trick to cut your energy bill is lowering the temperature at which you wash your clothes.

We've previously explained the ideal temp for saving cash on bills and staying warm when it comes to setting your thermostat.

But tweaking your laundry settings could also help save you money too – and you'll still get your clothes fresh and clean.


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By switching from a 40C wash to a 30C one could shave on average £12 a year off your energy bill, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Plus if you use your washing machine a lot you could save even more and if you usually use it on a pretty higher temp you'll notice even more savings.

Uswitch energy expert Will Owen previously told The Sun: "Use a cold water or 30C cycle where possible.

"It's only for particularly dirty clothes, bad stains or underwear that you are likely to need warmer temperatures."

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In fact you could even go lower than 30C to save more cash and you'll still get a good wash.

According to Which? all washing machines in the UK have been required to have a 20C option visible on the control panel since 2013, to help save energy. 

In tests by the consumer experts it found that cutting the temperature from 40 to 20C reduced running costs "dramatically" and by an average of 62%.

Most models of washing machine come with an eco-mode, that can be used to save the environment – and some cash.

These settings use less water and mean you'll use less energy to heat it when washing your clothes.

These are usually set to 30C too, but may also run for a shorter time – saving even more money.

You could save £10 a year from dialling your machine to this setting, British Gas previously told The Sun.

More ways to save on your laundry and reduce bills

If you're shopping for a new machine, consumer group Which? says choosing a more efficient washing machine could save up to £55 a year.

It might cost more upfront but you will spend less over the lifetime of the product.

An extra washing machine spin before you tumble dry your load could shorten the time you have the dryer on.

Tumble dryers use far more energy, so reducing this cost can add up, and of course in better weather avoid it altogether if you can hang it out to air dry.

Reducing the number of loads you do can cut your usage and bill, and making sure your doing a full load each time is one way to do this.

The Good Housekeeping Institute reckons you should wash jeans, jumpers and towels after every three uses. But if they look and smell OK, hold off for the sake of the planet — and your wallet.

Top tips for saving hundreds on your energy bill

A properly insulated home can help reduce energy bills by stopping excess heat from escaping.

Draught excluders can save you around £30 a year the Energy Saving Trust has previously said.

We've spotted them on sale at Amazon for £10 before, but of course you should always shop around for better offers.

And you don't even have to buy one – you can make them for free by filling a large piece of fabric with old clothes or rice.

Switching off so-called "vampire devices", that drain energy when left on standby or used inefficiently, could save you on your bills as well.

Here are 18 straight-forward ways to cut your energy bill now.

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