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YELLOW stickers are a popular way to bag a bargain dinner – and the best time to grab them at M&S have been revealed.

TikTok user @charityshoplife took to the social media platform to ask for advice on when to get yellow sticker bargains at M&S.

The video was flooded with comments from M&S workers and regular shoppers on the best time to bag the deals.

One helpful TikTok user said: "Manager at M&S here. We sticker through the night so at store opening [is the best time to go].

"If there's loads left, it gets reduced again at 2pm. It's unlikely though – usually sells."

While another wrote: "My mum works in M&S and they do the second reductions between 3pm and 4pm."


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And a third added: "4pm is the best time. I used to be a manager at my local store and that's when we would to do them."

The M&S fans were all in agreement with that early morning and late afternoon are the best time to bag a bargain, suggesting midday is a good time to avoid.

It comes as M&S revealed it is closing more than half a dozen stores this year in favour of opening more Foodhalls.

Supermarkets will often reduce the price of food nearing its use-by date to shift stock and avoid food wastage, marking them up with the bright yellow stickers.

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But the bargain prices can be hard to come by when so many shoppers are hunting down the same deal.

That's why timing your shop can be essential if you want to make sure you get first dibs on the reduced stock.

Exactly when you'll be able to pick up all the reduced products will likely depend on your local store though.

Most food items are reduced because they are nearing their sell-by-date.

But that doesn't mean it's not still good enough to eat.

And plenty of shoppers normally freeze what they buy, to make the bargains stretch out for a longer time.

But keep in mind that if you don't freeze the food you buy or eat it quickly enough it could still spoil and go to waste.

So watch you don't stock up on yellow sticker bargains just for the sake of it, as they won't last forever and you could waste your money.

A good tip is to ask the staff in the supermarket when they tend to apply discounts, as they're the people in the know.

You could call ahead to your local M&S store to avoid disappointment.

But once you know the best time, you won't want to hang around as bargains tend to go quickly – what's on offer will be subject to availability too.

We've asked M&S just how often it tends to reduce its groceries like this, and we'll update this story once we know more – so you stand an even better chance at bagging the deals.

How else can I save on my supermarket shop?

There are plenty of other ways to save on your supermarket shop.

Making a list could save you some money too as you'll be less likely to make any rash purchases when you get to the supermarket.

Going own brand can be one easy way to save hundreds of pounds a year on your food bills too.

That means going for "own" or "value" type products instead of "finest" or "luxury" lines.

Plenty of supermarkets run wonky veg and fruit schemes as well where you can get cheap prices if they're misshapen or imperfect.

For example, Lidl runs its Waste Not scheme offering boxes of 5kg of fruit and vegetables for just £1.50.

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Parents can get up to £442 in Healthy Start vouchers that they can use at the supermarket, on food and more for their children, for example.

Plus, many councils offer supermarket vouchers as part of the Household Support fund – so you can make your money go further with the extra support available.

Do you have a money problem that needs sorting? Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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