Experts warn you shouldnt keep toothbrush in bathroom due to faecal fountain

Seeing as you most likely brush your teeth in the bathroom, it seems logical to keep your toothbrush in there right.

Well not according to experts, who have shared the disgusting reason why you shouldn't.

Although you may think you keep things clean in your bathroom, whenever you flush the loo it causes something called a 'faecal fountain', according to news site LadBible.

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And yes, it's as disgusting as it sounds, with the toilet showering the surrounding area in particles of whatever's been in the bowl, including poo and urine.

That means little droplets of human waste are likely ending up on toothbrush every time you flush.

Experts advise to put your toilet seat down to stop the invisible fountain of faeces from spraying everywhere to try and avoid this and to also keep your toothbrush somewhere else, such as your bedroom.

You can also get a toothbrush cover if you want to make things extra safe.

The grim advice comes after some experts have suggested that households should share the same toothbrush.

Dental hygienist Jessica O'Connor advises to buy an electric toothbrush as a household, with each member having their own removeable head.

She says this is cheaper and would mean you only need to spend £50 a year on dental products if you buy supermarket toothpaste.


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