Food for thought! Diners share their funniest food fails on Snapchat

Food for thought! Diners share their funniest food fails on Snapchat

  • Food lovers have posted comedy snaps of their dinners from around the world 
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Some like using social media to post photos of beautifully-arranged dinners, but others are not shy about showing off their food fails. 

These hilarious snaps, from polling site Ranker, all contain funny witticisms people from around the world have posted about their dinners.  

One joked they had too much thyme on their hands after a herb spillage, while another claimed they would be a perfect partner because, like gravy, they are ‘thick and rich’.

One man posted a photo of his take-away coffee cup reading Cark, and explained he had asked his name to be spelt as Mark with a ‘c’.

Basic error: This person meant their name was spelt Marc, but clearly the waiter didn’t understand 

Meanwhile, another questioned their packed lunch after discovering a can of cat food in it. 

Some also seemed to be in denial – promising to only eat two pieces of a delicious looking pizza – which was cut in two. 

Another appeared to mock the trend of posting pictures of food online, by only posting a picture of their empty plate.  

A big pork pie: This person promised to show restraint when it comes to eating this dish, but chances are they won’t stick to it 

A diner in the US joked that they would be appealing as a partner because like this sauce, they are thick and rich

True love: This funny driver refers to their lunch as their ‘bae’ and makes sure it is safe in their car 

An impasta: This eagle-eyed diner in the US pointed to one curly fusilli among a box of penne, calling it an impasta

Up front and naked: This motorist joked that this was their first naked shot they had ever taken in their car 

Forgetful Dory, the fish from the Finding Nemo hit film. was the butt of this joke about battered fish  from New Zealand 

Pun-tastic: This joke needs no explanation – but it is a slight waste of a herb typically used in cooking 

This person joked about their strange lunch box offerings – which included a tin of delicious tuna cat food 

Mocking the social media trend for posting photos of food, this person cleared their plate and then posted a photo 

This comedy shot shows a food mixer appearing to have two eyes and a mouth, staring at what they have done

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