Former Aldi worker explains why chain rushes customers through fast checkout

If you've been to an Aldi before, you'll know the supermarket's checkouts go at rapid pace.

The speed of the checkouts are ideal for customers who are shopping in a rush.

And now in case you're wondering why that is the case, one former employee has revealed all.

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The person said how the store expects the workers to achieve their targets and will get a "chat" if they don't.

Now posting on Reddit, they said how Aldi cashiers are expected to scan 48ipm (items per minute).

They revealed: "This is in comparison to the 23 normal grocery stores require.

"We are also timed on how many seconds it takes us to get you to pay whether it be cash or card.

"We're also timed on seconds between customers, which is how fast we start scanning the next person's items."

But the person pointed out the issues with the system, saying how elderly customers often struggle to keep up.

They added: "The reason this was so frustrating to me is because old people for some reason are allergic to coins.

"They have to pay exact or dig for pennies so they don't get any back and it counts against an Aldi cashiers tender time.

"You have to be able to find the balance between meeting goals and still having good customer service.

"In six months, I had three customer complaints on me and I'm a pretty nice person actually."

But this isn't the only work station Aldi times, as they also have strict targets on those stocking shelves.

They said: "There's about six employees per Aldi store and there's usually two people there during the day, a shift manager and a cashier.

"Cashiers are responsible for checking people out as well as stocking the shelves.

"My shifts started as early as 6am when the store doesn't open until 9am because we had to throw the grocery pallets.

"There would usually be about six to eight grocery pallets per day and grocery comes in on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

"Aldi requires you throw one pallet every 30 minutes, which is extremely fast. To work at Aldi you have to be in good shape!"

Agreeing with this claim, another employee added: "I worked in Aldi for like two weeks. You have to have the strength of 10 men and run like you've never run before."

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