Former Bachelor star Matty 'J' Johnson stunned by genius bin bag hack

This ‘genius’ two second bin bag hack will ensure it’s secure every time: ‘I can’t believe I never thought to do this’

  • Former Bachelor Matty Johnson has discovered a handy bin bag trick on TikTok
  • After finding the clever hack, he was shocked and rushed to try it for himself
  • He shakes the bag out, holds it by the bottom and straightens it out 
  • It is then stiff and narrow making it easy to fit in the bin without and fiddling
  • Matty demonstrated the hack in a hilarious TikTok video which has gone viral 

Former Bachelor Matty ‘J’ Johnson has been left stunned by a ‘genius’ bin bag hack that will make taking out the rubbish a breeze. 

After finding the clever trick on TikTok, Matty showed his shocked expression before keenly rushing to the bin to try it for himself in a video that has since gone viral. 

He simply shook out the bag, held it up by the bottom with one hand and with one swift movement straightened it out with the other getting rid of all the air inside. 

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Bachelor star Matty Johnson left thousands in stitches after he showed his shock at a handy bin bag hack he found on TikTok

He shook the bag out, held it up by the bottom with one hand and straightened it out with the other making it stiff and narrow so it fits effortlessly into the bin

@JLC658 JC you are a genius!! #lifehacks #binbags #mindblow #gamechanger #thankyou

The bag is stiffened and narrow so it fits in the empty bin effortlessly. 

The reality Tv star’s clip racked up more than 11.7million views with many in the comments also amazed at the handy hack. 

‘*goes and changed bin bag even though bins not full yet*’ one viewer wrote. 

‘Who said you couldn’t learn anything from watching too much TikTok?,’ a second joked. 

‘Hahaha I never knew this, all these years fiddling with these bags,’ said a third. 

Another asked if he could show them how what he would do with the bag before he discovered the hack to which the Matty responded to by posting a follow-up clip of himself fumbling with a bin liner and falling over. 

‘As you can see – the new method is far easier,’ he captioned the tongue-in-cheek video.  

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