Free Dominos duvets let pizza fans fake a night out while enjoying an evening in

The pressure to go out to clubs and parties when all you want to is chill at home is bad enough for the rest of the year. But in mid-December, with invitations from workmates, real mates and family stacking up, most of us are looking for a good excuse to bail out of social engagements.

Domino’s have revealed that two-thirds of us would happily cancel social plans for night in cuddled up at home.

A whopping 70% of people surveyed confessed that they are already suffering from festive exhaustion a full week ahead of Christmas.

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Pooped-out party people are rushing to embrace the phenomenon that Dominos has christened JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out – which hits its peak this week.

To make sure you can get the required amount of chilling done while still maintaining an Instagram-fabulous image, Domino’s has launched the FauxMO Duvet.

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The photo-realistic duvets allow socialites to ‘live their best lie’ by doubling as festive backdrops, allowing beleaguered Brits to snap and share their cool night out while really enjoying a cosy night in.

And now anyone suffering from FOMO can get a piece of the fake action, because 20 loyal fans will have the chance to get their hands on a limited edition Domino’s ‘FauxMO’ Duvet by emailing [email protected] from today.

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Melissa Greenwood, Domino’s Chief Sofa Snuggle Officer commented: “On Fatigue Friday last year, sales leapt to five pizzas sold every minute as tired Brits swapped Christmas festivities for Domino’s and JOMO. However, none of us want our street cred to suffer and we all like to post exciting-looking events on social media.

“So, this year we’re helping customers keep their Insta game tight from the comfort of their own home, letting social channels do the hard work while they’re chilling out with pizza.”

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The survey, commissioned with 1,250 UK residents, dug into the reasons why we’re less inclined to go out than ever, finding that 61% of the nation favour staying at home over going out as it’s cheaper, with 41% staying indoors as it’s so warm they don’t want to face the freezing temperatures outside.

Nearly a third said they love the feeling of waking up on a weekend without a hangover and a fifth (19%) said they prefer to listen to what people are saying instead of struggling to hear over loud music in a busy club.

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In light of that, it comes as no surprise that a third (34%) identified that JOMO (the Joy Of Missing Out) to be THE trend for Christmas and New Year 2019.

So pull on your comfies, grab the remote and order a pizza – this year’s party of the year is taking place on the sofa – and you’re invited.

Dominos' free duvet offer is open from Tuesday 17th December 2019 to Monday 23rd December 2019, and 20 lucky winners will be selected at random. Winners will be notified by email. For full Ts & Cs visit the Dominos website .

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