Gallery shows outrageous filters and edits people put on their photos

Bending reality! Hilarious photos reveal social media users’ VERY dubious editing fails – from pinched faces to unnaturally slim waists

  •  BoredPanda compiled online gallery of some of the worst photoshop fails
  •  People messed around with body proportions, leaving a woman with tiny head
  •  Others outed for their photo editing by their unusually warped surroundings

When scrolling through Instagram it is easy to get sucked into the world of filters and ‘facetuning’ in a bid to replicate the seemingly unachievable looks of famous faces. 

But once lulled into the world of editing out a spot or making your stomach look that little bit flatter, it is easy to fall into the trap of ‘photoshop fails’. 

BoredPanda has compiled an online gallery of some of the worst attempts people have made to subtly change their appearance.  

Some people look like cartoon characters as they ramp up the filters on their selfies, leaving many people questioning what they really look like.  

While some comical pictures range from the body of a car appearing to warp to the shape of a woman’s bum to a brick pillar bending around a man’s bicep.

This woman had some rather unusual proportions as she appears to have shrunk her head so much to accentuate other parts of her body and forgot to match up the size of her hands

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Though her face looks like similar to that of a Disney princess with a defined jawline, high cheek bones and large eyes, this woman’s body seemed extremely out of proportion after she tried to shrink her wast

While filter apps can help people create their ideal selfie it can also lead to people playing down their features, such as this man who seems to have given himself a tiny nose and strongly defined jaw

Facetune for two? While the wonders of editing helped the man on the left out, he appeared to forget the other person in his picture and exposed just how much he edits his photos

One fitness fanatic, with an already impeccable physique, appeared to have played around with the settings a little too much for this post on social media, leaving people wondering where she fits her organs 

This couple are way past using editing apps for clearing up the odd spot or removing a stray hair from your face as they pose for a picture with their pet dog showcasing their ‘perfect’ skin

In attempt to make herself look more curvacious, this woman tried to edit her photo but was caught out when people spotted her car door frame was an odd shape

The pillar behind this man with unusually large biceps appeared to bend rather strangely, leading to people asking questions about how he got his muscular physique

This woman was betrayed by her own reflection in the mirror as she posed for a picture in her formal wear but forgot to edit the mirror image too

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