Gina Martin just nailed the struggle to separate who we are from the work we do

Does your passion for what you do for a living leave you struggling to differentiate between your work and personal lives? You’ll want to read this Instagram post by activist Gina Martin.

Loving what you do for work can be both a blessing and a curse. While, on the one hand, doing a job you’re excited and passionate about can give you a sense of purpose and direction, it can also make it hard to set boundaries between your work and personal lives – especially when you work for yourself.

That’s an issue which campaigner, writer and activist Gina Martin highlighted in her latest Instagram post, in which she explained how she was working with a therapist to try and create a divide between herself and her work. 

“Me and my therapist have been working on how I can’t separate myself and my work,” she wrote alongside a mirror selfie. “I struggle, all the time, to figure out when I’m working and when I’m not.”

Going on to highlight her main problem (that so much of what she wants to do in her free time could count as ‘work’ too), she revealed the advice her therapist had given her to help her establish a sense of balance – and it’ll ring true for anyone whose work is an intrinsic part of their identity. 

“My therapist said maybe it’s about not trying to separate ‘me’ and ‘work’ because the work is so tied to [my] morals and principles that it *is* [me], but instead drawing boundaries with individual people and requests,” she explained.

“E.g. instead of [asking] ‘am I working or not?’ and trying to figure out which side of that line I am, it’s about drawing a line between me and the thing that feels like a priority but isn’t when I’m being a daughter/sister/friend/myself right now.”

Martin concluded: “She also asked me this question: do you have to reply ASAP to everyone who messages you for something? What would *actually* happen if you didn’t?” 

While Martin’s therapist’s advice is obviously tailored towards her situation, it’ll likely ring true for anyone who has been able to transform their passion into a career.

Knowing when or how to draw a divide between your work and your life can be hard, but it’s also incredibly important. Everyone deserves time away from their work to rest and recharge – and while it’s OK to go the extra mile for a job you enjoy, letting your passion for the task at hand overtake every aspect of your life is never a good idea. 

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