Groom’s ‘controlling’ mum splashes £3,000 on HER wedding dress for son’s big day

A mum has been branded "rude" and "clueless" for splurging almost £3,000 on a bespoke wedding dress to wear on her son's big day .

Lydia yesterday appeared on The Posh Frock Shop on Channel 4 with two of her daughters to try and find the perfect outfit.

But viewers took to social media with fury after Lydia chose a one-shouldered dress with a train at the cost of £2,895.

The mother-of-four rejecting several of other numbers by designer Ian Stuart at a plush London boutique.

"She's going down the very sexy route, almost the 'I'm more important than the bride' route," designer Ian said on the show.

He later asked "what kind of mother would think it is appropriate to wear a wedding dress for themselves to their sons wedding" when Lydia chose the gown.

But Lydia confessed she is "controlling".

"I am quite controlling and have been planning my only son's wedding for around six months," she told the programme.

"It will be a traditional Greek wedding with more than 200 guests. My son has his criteria for how he'd like me to look, and I have mine.

"The mother of the groom tends to have a secondary role to the mother of the bride but I want something with the wow factor for the day."

She even admitted her son may think she has "gone over the top."

"It is not the typical mother of the groom dress, but I love it and I'm having it," Lydia continued.

However, writing about the episode on Facebook , one shocked viewer said: "Jaw dropped watching The Posh Frock Shop. The MOG [mother of the groom] went to the BRIDAL side of the dress parlor to pick this for her son's wedding."

"She says she is planning the wedding and she is a 'cool mom'. She doesn't think she will upstage the bride?! If I was the bride I would scratch her eyes out. LMAO"

Another posted: "I would beat my future mother in law if she play with me like this."

And a third shared: "Anyone else think it's weird that she'd WANT to wear a wedding dress to her SON'S wedding? Like, obsessive mother to the extreme."

Few others had sympathy with Lydia.

One scathing Facebook user even wrote: "I would pour red wine all over that dress."

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