Half of plant based dieters identify as ‘vegansexuals’ & won’t date meat-eaters

According to new research over half (53%) of British vegans identify as Vegansexuals – someone who only dates other vegans.

With more than 1million people in the UK now taking up a plant-based lifestyle – with many inspired by Veganuary – British relationships are facing a whole new challenge when it comes to dietary compatibility.

New research by Subway has looked at the tensions that food choices can create in relationships and how much of a romantic deal-breaker it really is.

As well as 53% refusing to date anyone who isn't vegan, the data found an additional 40% admitted to avoiding social events or dinner parties with carnivorous friends.

However, it seems the feeling is mutual, as over a third (39%) of meat-eating Brits said they would think twice about dating a vegetarian or vegan long-term, saying they’d find it difficult not to be able to cook and enjoy meat-based meals together.

Other reasons included not wanting to bring their vegan partner to family meals and not wanting to feel guilty about eating meat.

A fifth (22%) of meat-eaters admit to having dumped someone because they were a vegan, with men more likely than women to break up with someone because of their dietary or eating habits.

However, all is not lost, as a third (33%) of Brits said they would try switching to a plant-based diet for a loved one, while 19% admitted they have pretended to be a vegan or vegetarian to impress a prospective partner.

Around a third (29%) of Brits said they find adopting a vegetarian or plant-based lifestyle an attractive quality in a partner.

Meanwhile, 46% of the nation said dietary choices is one of the topics they would always bring up on a first date, with 35% saying they confirm a prospective partner’s eating choices before they would ask them out.

According to the survey, those from Scotland are mostly likely to date a vegan (68%), followed by those from Wales (67%), compared to only 44% of people from Yorkshire.

Food still seems an important factor in relationships, with over three quarters (77%) of Brits claiming cooking, eating together, or going out for food play an important part of their partnership.

However, with 43% of Brits admitting to having arguments with family, friends and partners over what to eat for dinner and almost a quarter (24%) of Brits have, and would, dump someone because of ‘food feuds’ based on their dietary or eating habits.

Top 10 cities and towns for 'inter-dietary' (vegan and non-vegan) relationships

1. Newport, Wales (83.3%)

2. Dudley, England (80%)

3. Southampton, England (78.6%)

4. Wolverhampton, England (75%)

5. Gloucester, England (75%)

6. Belfast, Northern Ireland (73.3%)

7. Glasgow, Scotland (73%)

8. Coventry, England (71.4%)

9. Plymouth, England (71.4%)

10. Norwich, England (70.8%)

The new research by Subway was commissioned to celebrate the launch of it's new plant-based T.L.C. (Tastes Like Chicken) Sub and Vegan Double Choc Cookie.

Angelina Gosal, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland at Subway said: “Cooking and enjoying a meal together can be an expression of love, and food is often a focal point in many relationships. But we also know there are ongoing tensions in modern relationships due to dietary choices, such as being vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or a carnivore.

"That’s why we’ve introduced our new plant-based T.L.C. (Tastes Like Chicken) Sub, to bring plant-lovers and meat-lovers together and unite even the most incompatible of foodie pairing."

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