Here's how YOU can snag £10 worth of groceries for under £4 at Aldi

Aldi launches ‘magic bags’ containing £10 of groceries for less than £4 – here’s how YOU can get one!

  • You can now get a Too Good To Go ‘Magic Bag’ at all Aldi stores across the UK 
  • Shoppers are invited to pay as little as £3.30 for £10 worth of food products 
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Aldi has partnered with popular food waste app Too Good To Go, rolling out the service across all of its 990 stores in the UK.

Shoppers will now be able to snag products approaching their sell-by or use-by dates at less than a third of the price, with £10 worth of food able to purchase at £3.30.

The ‘Magic Bags’ promise a range of groceries, in a mission to eliminate food waste across the country. 

The move comes following a successful trial last year, and customers need only download the Too Good To Go app to participate.

Shoppers can search up an Aldi store near them and reserve a bag collection for a scheduled time slot. 

The move comes following a successful trial last year, and customers need only download the Too Good To Go app to participate

The rollout hopes to save a further 4,000 tonnes of food from being wasted annually. 

‘With the rising cost of living impacting so many, Too Good To Go offers a simple and accessible way for consumers to save money and reduce waste,’ the supermarket’s Corporate Responsibility Director Liz Fox said. 

She praised the partnership for allowing the store to ‘cut down on food waste, while also offering customers the opportunity to pick up our food at even lower prices’.

All of the outlet’s UK stores will also continue to donate food to local causes for 365 days of the year.

Sophie Trueman, Managing Director of Too Good To Go UK and Ireland, added: ‘We’re thrilled to be rolling out our partnership with Aldi nationally.

‘Having already had fantastic feedback during a successful trial period, I know our Too Good To Go community is going to jump at the chance to save Magic Bags from their local Aldi and prevent even more good food from going to waste.’

Shoppers will now be able to snag products approaching their sell-by or use-by dates at less than a third of the price. Stock image used

It comes while shoppers are once again feeling the pinch as household staple food spreadable butter has shot up in price compared to this time last year.

The cost of a 500g tub of premium Danish butter Lurpak has shot up to a whopping £5 in some supermarkets compared to a cost of around £3.65 a year ago – a 37% per cent increase in cost.

But budget shoppers have also been impacted by high inflation on spreadable butters as the cost of living crisis continues to bit at Britain – as Aldi’s Nordpak and Lidl’s Danpak ‘dupes’ have also seen above-inflation price rises in the last year.

Grocery price inflation has now hit a record 16.7 per cent high, as Britons are predicted to spend an extra £788 on their annual shopping bills this year.

Shoppers were left dumbfounded in July last year after the price of a 1kg tub of Lurpak spreadable butter reached the eye watering cost of nearly £10.

Shoppers snapped a 1kg pack of Lurpak being sold in an Iceland supermarket for an an extraordinary £9.30.

The high price of essentials led to supermarkets security tagging products such as butter last year as Sainsbury’s sold 750g tubs of Lurpak spreadable butter for £7.25 last year.

Common household items including refrigerated ones and even butter were been found locked in a security box as the cost of living crisis sees prices skyrocket.

A spokesperson for Lurpak said last year that prices were rising as their farmer were also seeing their costs of ‘feed, fertiliser and fuel they need to produce milk’ rise significantly due to inflation.

‘While we don’t set the prices on the shelves, we do work closely with the retailers to ensure our farmers receive a fair price for the milk they produce,’ they added, according to Lancashire Live.

The price of Aldi’s Nordpak copycat butter brand shot up around 15 per cent since last February from £1.99 for a 500g tub last February, to £2.29 this February.

And Lidl’s Dankpak brand has also risen in cost, by about 16% from £1.89 this time last year to £2.19 today.

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