Hilarious and ill-placed signs spotted around the world

It’s a bad sign! These supposedly helpful notices will leave you more confused than ever

  • Facebook group The Absurd Sign Project shares the world’s funniest signs 
  • READ MORE: These hilarious posters are bound to stop anyone in their tracks

Typically, we barely register the messages delivered on public signs because, for the most part, they tell us exactly what we’re expecting to read. But sometimes, they will stop us in our tracks.

Facebook group The Absurd Sign Project, which has more than 100,000 members, is a community where people can share weird and wacky signs they have seen on their travels around the world. 

While some of the messages made people laugh due to their wording, such as a road sign directing people to a place called ‘Horneytown’ Road in Carolina, others are funny due to their surroundings.

For example, a sign in a US grocery store told customers ‘look at what $1 will buy’ on top of three completely empty shelves. 

This sign is something many can relate to with the cost of living crisis and the rise of inflation – there is nothing on the shelf you can get for $1 

Huh? Ironically someone has tried creating a sign to make their complicated entrance easier to find but it’s even more confusing 

Elsewhere, a sign at a butchers counter in the US urged people not to snigger over a sign that said a ‘dry rub’ makes the meat taste better. 

And the employees at one shop decided that honesty was the best policy by hanging a sign in the window to say they’d be opening late due to a ‘collective hangover’.  

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at some of the funniest signs posted on the Facebook group… 

This hilarious sign directs people to Horneytown Road, which is located in South Carolina in the U.S.

Ouch! A sign of a man urinating is located above a sign of two circular objects with a pair of scissors snipping some eggs which looks alarmingly like testicles

The people who made this cheeky sign in a US butchers knew it would ,make people snigger

The staff in the store were very honest with their customers, saying that they would be opening later due to some sore heads and asked if customers could ‘be gentle’ 

Two stores located next to each other in the Fenland town of March makes ‘The Pet Shop Boyes’ – a nod to the pop duo The Pet Shop Boys who were famous in the 80s and 90s for their hits 

What the duck? A rather bizarre sign which claims that the ducks have ‘laser beams attached on their heads’

It’s not clear if this billboard in Georgia was a poorly thought-out placement or a deliberately provocative marketing strategy

A sign which proves that punctuation is everything might lead to some confusion for dog owners 

The sign describing the items available in this supermarket aisle paints a lonely picture of someone who buys meals for one, bottles of wine and has a cat 

A gritter which is spreading grit on the floor in the snow has a picture of internet meme Salt Bae on the back in reference to the celebrity chef who went viral for his seasoning style

A rather peculiar sign which points people down to a red button which is labelled ‘green button, which may leave some people stuck inside

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