Hilarious Instagram page shows awkward family group chat moments

‘One glass of wine listening to Barry Manilow and I’m a little horny’: Hilarious screenshots reveal awkward text messages you NEVER want to receive from your parents

  • Instagram page @YourSh*** Family compiles screenshots of family group chats
  • Some show hilarious interactions between parents, grandparents and children
  • One mother told her daughter about her very pirate health concerns

Family group chats are usually funny – but these exchanges between parents, grandparents and youngsters are especially entertaining.

Instagram page Your S***** Family, which has just under one million followers, compiles some of the best family text messages captured in a screenshot.

Social media users from all over the world send the page their screenshots of the most awkward, hilarious, embarrassing and weird conversations had with their loved ones.

After forgetting what her Netflix password is, one mother asked her children what it might be on her family group chat, only to get made-up crude password suggestions. 

One woman who was cooking up a spicy storm cut up some jalapeños for the dish, only to touch her private area moments later – and couldn’t resist telling her daughter all about the mishap. 

Here are some of the best from their Instagram page.

Kids, what’s my Netflix password? This mother was faced with silly suggestions for what she should try

This mother is ‘disappointed’ in her child for not being honest about the meaning of acronym ‘WAP’, and was shown up at a dinner party for it 

How lovely: This dad sends a picture text to tell his child they don’t smell particularly great

One woman who was cooking up a spicy storm cut up some jalapeños, only to touch the wrong area moments later

This family member had no idea how to spell ‘cough’, coming up with ‘caugh’, ‘caulk’ and ‘coff’ instead

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Oops! This mother didn’t realise her message was to the group chat, including her entire family, and sends a cheeky add-on to the end of a mostly wholesome message

Too much information! A daughter messaged her mother to say she is on her time of the month, and gets a response with a little too much detail

This dad turned an innocent text into an innuendo after sending a picture of his latest boys’ toy

Boozy! This mother knows how to party, and lets her child know drinking plans she has in store

How sweet! This dad makes his daughter’s day by sending her a funny, albeit false, theory on why the pandemic is called the pandemic

These siblings are suggesting gift ideas for what to get their mother – and wondering how well the medicines they’re thinking of will be received

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