Hilarious photos show dramatic cats refusing to be bathed

Feline dramatic! Hilarious photos capture cats most melodramatic moments – from being left outside in the garden to being forced to have a bath

  • Cats are known for being independent, aloof animals who do what they want
  • But when they want attention they can show a much more animated side
  • A gallery collected on defused.com shows cats in their more dramatic moments

Cats can get a bad reputation with many dismissing them as cold, unfriendly animals.

But the independent pets certainly have a softer side, and their sassy attitudes can be hilarious.

A gallery compiled on defused.com featuring social media snaps from around the world shows domestic cats at their most animated, from giving their owners a dirty look to refusing to have a bath.

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at the dramatic felines who have given Oscar-worthy performances…  

Cat or monkey? It’s not quite clear what this bounding kitten was aiming to do, but it doesn’t look like a very comfortable position

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This poor kitty, who very much did not want to have a bath, gave a furious scowl as it tried to escape from the bathtub

The owners of this feline, who lined up perfectly with a glowing lamp, might want to sleep with one eye open

Sometimes our feline friends just want attention, and what better way to grab it than sprawling out across the keyboard while their owner is trying to use the laptop 

Press the snooze button! This little kitty really didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning – and made sure its owner knew all about it

This cat, who thought it was going on a fun day out with its owners, quickly changed its tune when it realised it was being put in the cat carrier

It’s not clear what this little kitty has seen to rouse such a reaction – but it is certainly taken aback by something

This kitten, who is used to being the centre of attention, is absolutely dismayed at meeting its new sibling

Sometimes the jump up to the sofa isn’t quite as easy as it looks, which can result in a landing that doesn’t look particularly elegant

This feline, who has been locked out of the room, is making sure to get the attention of its owners

This cat, who perhaps doesn’t like having its picture taken, has been caught at exactly the wrong moment

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that cats don’t like the rain – and this angry little face demonstrates why

This black cat appears sick and tired with its owners and has refused to even look at them, preferring to stare at the wall instead

This dramatic little ball of fluff looks like it has been caught rehearsing for a thrilling scene

Another feline who doesn’t want to have a bath is doing everything it can to avoid being put into the sink

This ginger Tom, who really likes ice cream, is putting on his best performance to get a spoonful of his owner’s Ben and Jerry’s

Scottish Fold cats usually look fairly angelic – but if you upset them, they will certainly let you know about it

This tabby cat seems very attached to its scratching post and is refusing to let it go

Kung-Fu kitty! This limber black-and-white feline is putting on quite the show for its owner who has managed to capture some of its best positions

Don’t leave me! This cat appears to have grown very attached to its housemate – and won’t give it up without a fight

Watch your speed! This kitty, who is off on a family day out, seems to be a little unsure about its owner’s driving

I beg your pardon? This cat appears to have been deeply offended by something – or someone

It’s unclear what has upset this little feline, but it seems clear that something has put it in a terrible mood

Too much catnip! Something has certainly caught the attention of this wide-eyed feline as its pupils have dilated dramatically

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