Hilarious signs will leave you more confused than informed

Sign of trouble! These hilarious notices will leave you more confused than informed

  • Reddit threat Funny Signs gave social media users something to laugh about
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You would hope that a public sign would be able to point you in the right direction.

But these hilarious signs have not only left social media users completely lost, but have also given them something to laugh about.

The Reddit group Funny Signs has gathered together a gallery of some of the wacky notices that have been spotted around the world.

One of them undoubtedly spoke to the insecurities of the younger generations, making sure they knew to escape a building that was on fire before tweeting about it.

Meanwhile another gloated at drivers sat in traffic, informing them that being late was inevitable, before adding a ‘haha’ on the end.

Read all about it! One sign hit on the insecurities of young people, telling them to escape a fire before tweeting about it

Some of the signs have made people laugh by stating the obvious, with one sign giving a warning about sand on a road flanked by desert.

Others have just been completely wrong, pointing people in the wrong direction.

In some cases, the letters may have dropped off the sign or have been inconveniently hidden to give it another – more amusing – meaning.

And others seem to have no purpose, with one sign telling people not to read it ‘under penalty of law’.

Can you read this? This sign plays on the fact that doctor’s prescriptions are often completely illegible

Painting a picture! Someone thought their warning would be more clearly expressed in a surprising image

What do they teach you in school? One road sign misspelt the educational establishment

What is it good for? This sign left readers feeling fearful as it appeared to warn them against reading it

Wood you believe it! This man in Missouri is very confident that he can chop with nothing but his bare hands 

Wrong turn! This sign warned users to stay on the right while pointing them towards the left

Self-proclaimed danger! A deserted sign surrounded by mountains told passersby to beware of signs

Brutal honesty! A road sign made sure drivers knew they were going to be late for work, before adding a ‘haha’

Unique selling point! This shop made sure their customers were aware they didn’t really need anything from the store

Great party! One sign in a US store seems to suggest that people should have their party in the bathrooms

Take it literally! One car owner put a model of a baby stuck on a wooden board to show there was a ‘baby on board’

Should I stay or should I go? Drivers would be stumped by this misspelt ‘stop’ sign on the road

Computer scare! Not only does this sign suggest the reader is being observed, but that they are being approached by a computer monitor

It’s gone quackers! This sign made sure passersby were aware of a treacherous duck nearby

Crimestopper! Someone made sure that readers of the sign knew the truth about graffiti

Schooled! One sign tried to motivate its readers before hitting them with an Einstein equation

Surely not! A sign showed that the name of the area was the same as a way of expressing surprise

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