Horoscopes: Russell Grants weekly horoscope – whats in store for your sign?

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Aries (March 21/April 20)

An offer to join a group or enter a partnership will be hard to resist when you are getting on so well with people around you. Even though romance will take second place to your work and other obligations, your partner will understand.

Taurus (April 21/May 21)

Trying to stay one step ahead is the way to make a success out of a joint venture. You will get the support you need from your local council, charities and community groups. Making a report could be the final piece of intelligence those in high places need.

Gemini (May 22/June 21)

A long-standing friendship is going through problems but are these issues as serious as your mind is making them out to be? You could be letting your imagination run away with you and imagining a situation is worse than it is.

Cancer (June 22/July 23)

A sudden restlessness will prompt you to try new avenues. You aren’t bothered whether or not these will take you anywhere. You just want to explore and experience something new. If you do take a wrong path, you can always retrace your footsteps.

Leo (July 24/August 23)

Emotions are so up and down it will be hard to know how you are really feeling. A situation is unpredictable and this isn’t helping. You’re longing for some calm and consistency but this is going to be difficult to achieve.

Virgo (August 24/September 23)

It’s upsetting when you aren’t included in a group project you would have loved but there are reasons why you haven’t been invited. Friends realise you already have too many responsibilities and they have not wanted to add to your burdens.

Libra (September 24/October 23)

You wish your friends, family and colleagues would tell you what was on their minds rather than leaving you guessing about what it is they are expecting from you. You would happily be more helpful and it would mean a lot to you to be able to support them.

Scorpio (October 24/November 22)

Different people will behave in different ways. You are aware of this but what you weren’t expecting is how awkward an older relative will be regarding a matter they are normally happy with. Their needs are changing and they are starting to realise this too.

Sagittarius (November 23/December 21)

A job you are working on with a partner will be the cause of a heated discussion. The situation is starting to make you feel stifled. You need some time to consider whether or not you want to continue with this commitment.

Capricorn (December 22/January 20)

A group project has hit a bump in the road. You’ve got this far and it would be a shame to throw in the towel because this makes you confused or disappointed. Eventually you will start moving in the right direction again and the tension between you will start to ease.

Aquarius (January 21/February 19)

You and a partner have some making up to do after recent misunderstandings. You can be impulsive at times but you know the risks. You’ve fallen harder than you are willing to admit to others but you will accept the consequences of your actions.

Pisces (February 20/March 20)

Focus on jobs that are likely to be tricky early in the week when your mind is clear and your energy levels high. If there is something you have been putting off dealing with, make a start now. To get the best results, make it your aim to concentrate on these matters.

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