Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Wednesday, July 6

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Give someone a chance to find out more before going ahead with a long-term financial or family arrangement. It is highly likely they suspect something is going on that could have an impact on these arrangements in the future and in hesitating before reaching a decision, they are protecting your interests.


In business and finance, your aim should be to steer as steady a course as you are able. Avoid taking risks and stick to what you are most familiar with. If someone tries to talk you out of your plans, look at the possible long-term consequences and stick with your own ideas.


A legal or domestic matter has been a sore point recently. Naturally, you will have been wondering whether you should be so resolute about your own intentions. Something that occurs or that you find out today will confirm you are right to stand firm in your own opinion.


You’re cutting back on spending plain and simply because you have to do so. This means cutting out on a few luxuries and buying only essentials. A relative is struggling and you will consider how you can help them, but it may be that advice is only what you can offer.


Plans you’ve been working on that have been kept quiet are about to be unveiled. You know they aren’t going to be to everyone’s liking, but you can’t please everyone and they do suit you. For this reason, you will be prepared to ride the storm of protests coming your way.


Taking over a workmate’s responsibilities will be daunting but you may have no choice but to accept these extra duties. You could do without this but once you get used to a changing situation, you will start to feel at ease with these new commitments and you will somehow fit them into your daily routine.


It won’t be a lot of fun to sacrifice your own plans in order to help a friend or workmate progress their ideas. The problem is you owe them a favour and in fulfilling this obligation, you will also be helping them out of a dilemma.


Although you are waiting for official confirmation, there are talks of change and you sense this is not idle gossip. You have a few questions about how your own life will be affected by new conditions. Discuss your concerns with someone in a position to clarify the matter.


Some people won’t like your ideas. It doesn’t matter. You prefer to think for yourself. If this is being discouraged in a work, academic or social environment, you will be seriously considering walking away. Situations where there are strict rules and regulations are starting to make you feel restricted, restless and stifled.


Be prepared to talk about an issue that’s causing tension between you and a colleague. If someone’s views or opinions are at the opposite end of the spectrum to yours, ask questions, share your thoughts and be prepared to consider different ways of looking at the problem.


Emotions bottled up inside need an outlet. Talking can help. No man is an island and it isn’t always healthy to brood and ponder in isolation. A friend you have helped out more than once in the past will bend over backwards to help you today. All you have to do is ask.


One moment you see something or someone and then the next it disappears. You might wonder if your imagination is playing tricks on you. A difficult workplace situation isn’t going to change very quickly if everyone is as stubborn as the other. You wish people could be more flexible.

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