How long hairdressers will be shut for – and how you can maintain your colour during the lockdown if you act fast

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Last year when non-essential shops and beauty salons were forced to shut we were all taken by surprise. This time we were all expecting the news, but that doesn’t change the fact that once again, we’re having to adapt our beauty routines until we can get back to booking our regular salon services.

But just how long will salons and hairdressers be shut for this time, you ask?

The latest rules will stay in place until at least mid-February, with Monday 15 Feb being the earliest possible date that the current restrictions could be amended. At that point, the government will review the figures and decide whether or not it’s safe to reopen non-essential businesses again.

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That’s at least six weeks until there’s a chance we can nab a hair cut or colour appointment, but what we have this time is the benefit of hindsight. We all ran around like headless chickens in March last year and made some big home hair mistakes because of it (think home bleaching).

But there are ways you can keep your colour going for the full six weeks if you start making some key changes to your washing and styling regime right now.

We spoke to top hair experts to find out exactly what to do to ensure vibrant and silky locks this lockdown 3.0…

1. Always apply a protective spray

“Heat causes colour to fade quickly, so always use a heat protectant before picking up those styling tools,” advises a spokesperson from Live True London salon.

We love : Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer, £12 here.

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2. Swap to an anti-fade shampoo and conditioner

“Anti-fade agents are vital to keeping your colour locked in,” the spokesperson says. Thankfully this doesn’t have to cost you a fortune as plenty of high-street brands offer colour protecting formulas.

We love: OGX Fade-Defying+ Orchid Oil pH Balanced Shampoo, £6.99 here.

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3. Rinse hair with cold water

“While heat can open your hair’s cuticles and cause colour to fade, cold has the opposite effect,” the spokesperson explains. “Rinsing your hair in cold water will close the cuticles, add shine, and reduce frizz. There’s a reason why a quick cold spritz is part of a stylist’s repertoire!”

4. Use a colour depositing product

“If you do start to see your colour fading then you’ll want to add in a mask or conditioner that leaves a semi-permanent pigment in your hair,” says the spokesperson. While this won’t cover roots, it does give you that “fresh out the salon” effect and will keep you going until you can get back in the salon.

We love: Moroccanoil Colour Depositing Mask (in various shades), £28.85 here.

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5. Invest in a filter

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“Household tap water is full of awful materials that can fade or dull the most beautiful highlights,” says Ricky Walters, director of SALON64. “I recommend Hello Klean, £60 here – a screw on water filter for your bathroom tap. It gives your hair only the very best water and is proven to stop colour fading so fast!”

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