How long should you keep underwear before replacing it? The shocking truth

A TikTok which went viral earlier is making the rounds once more and scaring people into throwing away their entire underwear collection. The TikTok video, which is now deleted presumably due to controversy, claims you should be replacing your underwear every six to nine months. chatted to cleaning guru Lynsey Queen of Clean to find out the truth about how long you can keep your underwear.

TikTok has its benefits, but you can’t trust everything you hear on the app!

A deleted TikTok video where a woman claims we should throw away our underwear after six months has been resurfacing.

Luckily, earlier this year gynaecologist Jen Gunter put the rumours to rest.

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There’s no need to totally replace your underwear drawer unless they are damaged or falling apart, thankfully.

The gynaecologist said on TikTok: “I’ve just been sent a video where someone claims that women need to buy new underwear every six to nine months because somehow in six to nine months your underwear magically becomes some kind of infectious catastrophe and that’s simply not the case.

“When people tell you that you need to do really special things with your underwear, that’s just an extension of purity culture – it’s not true at all, they don’t magically become an issue in six to nine months.”

According to Lynsey Queen of Clean, not only is this rumour inaccurate, it’s irresponsible as the idea is totally unsustainable.

She said: “Knickers can last years if they are changed regularly and washed at a high temperature.

“There is absolutely no need to chuck them away after six months.”

The way you wash your underwear can play a role in how long it lasts.

Lynsey said: “Underwear should be washed in smaller loads, so try not to wash them with heavy jeans and jumpers.

“Use mesh bags for delicate lace underwear and always ensure you do the back of bras up to save them for catching on other garments.”

Don’t skimp on how often you wash your knickers, though.

For hygiene reasons, you need to wash knickers after every single wear.

However, Lynsey pointed out: “You do not need to wash bras after every wear.

“Instead, wash them every second or third wear as washing bras often takes them out of shape and can take away the support that you need.”

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