I am scared my girl will run a mile when I tell her I have HPV – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: A BEAUTIFUL girl I have met wants to take our relationship to the next level and have sex, but I am scared she will run a mile when I tell her that I have the HPV virus.

I am 25, she is 23 and we get on so well but I’m worried HPV will wreck everything.

DEIDRE SAYS: Do not panic. This is what the NHS website has to say about HPV (Human papillomavirus): “Most people will get some type of HPV in their life. You can have HPV for years without it causing problems. Most HPV infections are cleared by your body within two years.

“Girls can get the HPV vaccine free from the NHS from the age of 12 up to their 25th birthday.”

A sexual health clinic can give advice on how best to protect yourselves, although you may no longer be infected and she may have been vaccinated against HPV in school. If not, she can be now.

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